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  • Paul Reiser disses NBC on NBC's 'The Tonight Show'

    Meaghan Murphy | 

    Comedian Paul Reiser, who had a long-running hit on NBC with “Mad About You,” is not pleased about the network canceling his new show.

    (Wait–Paul Reiser had a new show on NBC?)

    The funnyman’s self-titled comedy lasted just two episodes before getting the axe from NBC honchos. On Monday night, Reiser laid into the network with his appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”—which the network had previously booked for him to, ahem, promote his new show.

    “NBC, to my knowledge, they don’t traditionally make bad decisions. Have you heard that? I don’t know what your experience is,” Reiser deadpanned to Leno, who suffered his own humiliation at the hands of NBC over the confusion of whether Conan O’Brien was replacing Leno on “The Tonight Show.”

    “It turns out they said we enjoy missing you more than actually having you,” Reiser joked. “But listen, I don’t take it personally. Listen, when you’re the last place network, you don’t want to jeopardize that. You’ve found your niche. Stay there. So I get it.”


    Reiser also freaked out fellow guest Christina Aguilera, whose new show, “The Voice,” premieres on NBC this week.

    “So now that you’ve scared the crap out of me…” she laughed.

    Reiser tried to allay her fears, but it was waaaaay too late.

  • Conan O'Brien: I wouldn't do what Jay Leno did

    FOX 411 | Editor

    In his first interview since leaving NBC, Conan O’Brien says he never would have done what “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno did to him by forcing him out of his late-night spot.

    In an interview with “60 Minutes,” which airs Sunday May 2, O’Brien tells Steve Kroft that if he were Jay Leno, he would have left NBC rather than reclaim his old role.

    “He went and took that show back and I think in a similar situation, if the roles had been reversed, I know – I know me, I wouldn’t have done that,” O’Brien said in quotes released by CBS. “If I had surrendered ‘The Tonight Show’ and handed it over to somebody publicly and wished them well – and then … six months later. But that’s me, you know. Everyone’s got their own, you know, way of doing things.”

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  • POLL: What was your favorite Sarah Palin joke on Leno?

    FOX 411 | Editor


    Sarah Palin brought out her inner comedian on last night’s episode of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

    The former Alaska governor made several jokes that ranged from politics to Tina Fey.

    Tell us what you think in our poll after the jump.

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  • If Ken Burns did a documentary about the late night war...

    FOX 411 | Editor


    …it would look something like this.

    Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel.

    (Video after the jump.)

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  • Jay Leno gives his version of the NBC disaster, calls Conan O'Brien 'nice guy'

    FOX 411 | Editor


    Jay Leno gave his version of the NBC late-night debacle during the opening monologue of the “Jay Leno Show” on Monday night.

    Leno’s explanation came as the Wall Street Journal reported Conan O’Brien will get a $40 million buyout on his contract and will be able to start a new show in the fall.

    O’Brien would be barred from bad-mouthing his former NBC bosses, sources told the paper, something O’Brien and Leno have had a field day with since Leno’s show was canceled and O’Brien was asked to move the “Tonight Show” into the following morning.

    RELATED: Conan O’Brien Deal Could Be Done Tuesday.

    Leno also said on-air that there may be new details released from NBC on the matter on Tuesday.

    Here is what Leno said on the “Jay Leno Show,” in full:

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  • Jay Leno gets 'Tonight Show' back, Conan O'Brien is out, report says

    FOX 411 | Editor


    Seems like old times.

    Well, if you count eight months ago old.

    Jay Leno has renegotiated his contract and will host the “Tonight Show” from 11:35-12:35 on NBC, again, TMZ reported on Thursday.

    That means current host Conan O’Brien would seem to be out of a job.

    Unless they plan to co-host.

    Ba dum bum.

    RELATED: Conan Says He Won’t Budge on Time Slot.

    TMZ said Leno was guaranteed the 10 pm hour in his contract, and that by moving him to 11:35, NBC was in breach of his contract, which is why they needed to do a new deal.

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  • Report: Jay Leno may follow Conan O'Brien out of NBC

    FOX 411 | Editor


    Conan O’Brien may not be the only late-night talk show host at NBC who has had it up to here with the network’s bungling of their prime-time and late-night lineups. is reporting that a source close to the “Jay Leno Show” said Leno is considering following O’Brien out of the network television laughingstock.

    “Now that Conan has made it clear he is leaving the troubled network, Jay is considering doing the same. They have put Jay in a terrible position. It looks like he is the reason that Conan is now without a job. Jay is a great guy and it’s not fair that due to NBC’s stupidity he looks like the bad guy,” a source told the site.

    To be clear, O’Brien has not said publicly at this time that he wants to leave NBC, just that he will not accomodate NBC’s proposal to host the “Tonight Show” at 12:05 a.m.

    “How can [Leno] possibly trust the same network that canceled Conan after only seven months?” the source told

    Good question.

  • Fox411 Survey Results: Conan O'Brien should dump NBC and come to FOX

    FOX 411 | Editor


    The people have spoken, and it wasn’t even close.

    With almost 10,000 votes in so far, 88 percent of respondents to our Survey below say Conan O’Brien should walk away from the train wreck that is NBC late night and graze in FOX’s greener (ka-ching!) pastures.

    Here is a smattering of comments made by Conan’s fans:

    “I love Conan…He appeals to the younger auidence [sic] and my whole family loves watching him….for him to move his entire staff and family and this is how they treat him he should go to FOX where he can be even funnier…we will never stop watching Conan but they take himm [sic] off NBC and that channel is dead to us!!” - Tracy Keep Reading…

  • Rumors swirl that Jay Leno will reclaim his 'Tonight Show' host title

    FOX 411 | Editor


    Just hours after NBC denied reports that Jay Leno’s show was getting canceled, TMZ  and the New York Times reported that, no, Jay isn’t exactly getting canceled, he’s just retaking his old 11:30 time slot.

    There’s just one little problem.

    Conan O’Brien hosts a little show called “The Tonight Show” on the network right about that same time.

    Citing unnamed NBC executives, The New York Times reported that the network is considering reinstating Leno as host of “The Tonight Show,” a job he turned over to Conan O’Brien last spring.

    TMZ said the move would happen as soon as next month, following NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics.

    NBC, however, is denying any plans to cancel “The Jay Leno Show” or get rid of O’Brien from the late-night line-up.

    In a statement released to, NBC said Conan will remain a part of their late-night shows, although they made no mention of his intended time slot.

    “We have the best comedy team in the business,” the statement says.  “We remain committed to keeping Conan O’Brien on NBC. He is a valued part of our late-night line-up, as he has been for more than 16 years and is one of the most respected entertainers on television.”

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  • Jay Leno's show not canceled, NBC says

    FOX 411 | Editor


    NBC has repsonded to a report on the entertainment website that said Jay Leno’s prime-time show on NBC was on the verge of cancellation.

    “Jay Leno is one of the most compelling entertainers in the world today. As we have said all along, Jay’s show has performed exactly as we anticipated on the network,” an NBC rep said in a statement issued Thursday. “It has, however, presented some issues for our affiliates. Both Jay and the show are committed to working closely with them to find ways to improve the performance.”

    “The Jay Leno Show” has been losing viewers since its debut, as have the local news programs that follow it in several major markets.

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