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  • Then/Now: 'E.T.' Turns 30

    FOX 411 | Editor

    On June 11, 1982, director Steven Spielberg introduced us to “E.T.,” a figment of his childhood imagination turned into a major Hollywood motion picture.

    The film became the highest grossing movie of all time, a record it held for 10 years. It maintains its popularity today due in part to its timeless story and the winning performances of its outstanding young cast.

    So dust off your flying bicycle and take a ride with our friends at as we check out where some of the stars of “E.T.” are now, 30 years later. Keep Reading…

  • Michelle Rodriguez's bikini body secret? Be an action star

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Michelle Rodriguez in 2007 (l) and today (r).

    “Fast and Furious” star Michelle Rodriguez has never been what anyone would call out of shape. But in these before and after pictures, you see the action star’s body has gone from plain nice to superhuman in the last five years.

    How? Being in bad-ass movies, that’s how.

    Rodriguez loves outdoor adventures and high intensity workouts, especially when they are linked to her movie roles. Rodriguez, 33, fell in love with boxing while preparing for her role in “Girlfight,” and hit the surfboard daily while shooting the movie “Blue Crush.”

    HOT SHOTS: Michelle Rodriguez hits he beach.

    When she trained for “Battle: Los Angeles” last year, she told On The Red Carpet: “[Training] was pretty gnarly … I was there from 5 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the afternoon training hard-core.”

    Even with all that training, you can’t get this kind of sculpted bikini body without having a restricted diet. Michelle says she’s not a vegetarian, but she’s “disgusted every time I do have a piece of meat,” she told Eco Vegan Gal.

    So if you want to look like Rodriguez, all you have to do be in action movies, and feel self-loathing when you eat a hamburger.

    Easy right?

  • Prom Stars: Celebrity pics from their high school proms

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Seth Poppel Yearbook Library, Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

    For celebs, walking the red carpet in gorgeous dresses and suave suits is part of what they signed up for.

    And lots of stars got their first chance to dress to impress at their very own high school proms, just like the rest of us.

    And just like the rest of us, their prom pics are an endearing mixture of awkardness, scary hair, and a complete ignorance of their lives to come.

    With graduation season here, dusted off their stack of high school yearbooks to see what Hollywood’s heavy hitters wore (and looked like) at their high school proms.

    Keep Reading…

  • Late Bloomers: Stars who got their big break later in life

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Want to become a rich movie star, but fear that you are too old?

    Well, you’re probably right. But maybe you’re not!

    Our friends at have highlighted 10 huge Hollywood stars who didn’t catch a break until after 30, 40 and — gasp — even 50.

    Yes, these celebs were mere civilians for decades — decades! — before ruling the red carpet.

    Keep Reading…

  • The REAL high school pics of the 'American Pie Reunion' stars

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Once there was a time when the words “This one time, at band camp…” didn’t strike fear into the hearts of flautists everywhere.

    This was, of course, before “American Pie.”

    In 1999, director brothers Paul and Chris Weitz decided unleashed their blockbuster comedy “American Pie” and the story of four teenage boys who make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night soon became the “Porky’s” of a new generation.

    Now, they’re back with “American Reunion,” where Jim, Michelle, Stifler and the gang have returned for a new assault against warm baked goods and our sense of well-being. And thanks to our friends at, we can see what the “American Pie” cast really looked like in high school, and find out what they’re up to today.

    Keep Reading…

  • 'Hunger Games' stars: Before they were famous

    FOX 411 | Editor

    “The Hunger Games” debuts this weekend and people who predict these kinds of things are predicting it will make $150 million in its opening weekend alone.’s reviewer said it out-Potter’s Harry Potter. He also said its all-star cast — including Jennifer Lawrence, Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson, and Lenny Kravitz (yes, Lenny Kravitz) — is a big part of its success as a book-to-movie adaptation. sent us a coulpe of before and after photos of Lawrence and Kravitz so you can see whatthey looked like when they were the tween-age readers at whom “The Hunger Games” trilogy is aimed.

    See all 20 pics of “The Hunger Games” stars before the fame at

    Keep Reading…

  • Show Us the Careers! 'Jerry Maguire' stars 15 years later

    FOX 411 | Editor


    Tom Cruise had America hooked way before he delivered his famous “You complete me” line to Renee Zellweger in “Jerry Maguire.” But for a lot of the film’s other stars, “Jerry Maguire” was their big break.

    Its hard to believe it has been fifteen years since we watched the sports agent flip out and start a new life and career with the world’s most precocious kid by his side. Several stars of this film have continued to impress audiences, while others, well, not so much.

    Follow FOX411 on Twitter. takes a look at these stars and where they all wound up.

    Keep Reading…

  • Hollywood's newest it-girl Carey Mulligan on nude scenes and Steve McQueen

    FOX 411 | Editor

    She may have become a star by playing the role of the ingenue in films like “Drive” and “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, but Carey Mulligan is hardly the wide-eyed, naive star.

    In an interview with W magazine, the British beauty opens up about taking on a new gritty role in the Steve McQueen-directed film, “Shame.” The character, Sissy, is what W calls “a deeply troubled girl with an almost incestuous attachment to her brother (Michael Fassbender).”

    Click here to follow FOX411 on Twitter.

    The role required a nude scene, which Mulligan admits was “kind of fun,” after being thrown into it.

    Keep Reading…

  • Poll: Is Jennifer Aniston is the hottest woman of all time?

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Men’s Health magazine recently crowned America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston the hottest woman of all time.

    “Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny – she was invited to join ‘Saturday Night Live’ before her big break with ‘Friends,” the magazine wrote of their choice.

    HOT SHOTS: Click here for Jennifer Aniston photos.

    Other stars in the top five were Madonna, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch.

    Keep Reading…

  • Katherine Heigl on cheating, one-night stands and being 20lbs bigger in Hollywood

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Katherine Heigl isn’t one to shy away from the image of being an opinionated celebrity.

    In the January issue of Cosmopolitan UK, Heigl opens up about fidelity, her new film “New Year’s Eve,” what it’s like to be a more voluptuous woman in Hollywood and motherhood.

    One of her most candid confessions is about infidelity and how she would handle it in her own marriage.

    “I’ve been debating this lately. Josh and I always said that cheating would be a deal breaker; there is no second chance. But I’ve seen friends and acquaintances go through it and they’ve found a way back to the relationship, and a way to forgive each other. And as much as I would kill him if he cheated because it would destroy me, I have started to question whether, if a mistake were to be made and it was a one-time thing, I would forgive him. Because look at the life we’ve built together. We have history, we have a child…But at the same time, it would be really hard to ever fully trust that person again.”

    Keep Reading…

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