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  • FOX Turns 25: Looking back at the cast of 'Beverly Hills 90210'

    Back in the 1990s, they were the pretty and popular students roaming the halls of West Beverly High. Today, 15 years after “graduating” from teen stars to adult actors, the cast of the original “Beverly Hills, 90210” are being celebrated as part of FOX network’s look back at it s first quarter decade.

    Our friends at have opened up West Beverly’s old yearbook to see the stars of “90210” back then and update you with what they are doing (and look like) today.

    Globe Photos Inc. / Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for KCA

    THEN: Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor started out as blond and bubbly, your stereotypical California girl, but as the series went on, we saw more of her serious and sensitive side. She wasn’t just the girl who flitted between flirtation with Brandon and Dylan—and Steve and Jake and Matt. She stood up to her drug-addled mother, her own substance abuse issues, a girl who was planning to accuse her good friend of sexual assault, and being in cults. But we’ll always remember her most fondly for her worries over being “too pretty.” [eyeroll]

    NOW: Garth in Transition

    Though Garth has been making the most headlines for her split with longtime hubby Peter Facinelli, she has recently reteamed with her post-”90210″ family (ABC, which aired her sitcom “What I Like About You” for many years) for a new project entitled “Village People,” in which her character takes in a pregnant teenager. She currently also stars in a reality show for CMT that follows her and her three daughters making the move from the big city to a California farm.

    See the entire gallery and cast of your favorite “90210” stars then and now at

    Everett Collection / Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

    THEN: Carol Potter as mom Cindy Walsh

    Cindy Walsh was the Carol Brady of Generation X. She always had a sympathetic ear for her kids — or her kids’ even more troubled friends — and her willingness to play hostess to no shortage of elaborate occasions never failed to make us envious. But she was a bit passive as parent (perhaps why kids saw her as ideal?), and she gradually faded into the background until she and her on-screen husband moved overseas.

    See all 30 photos of the “90210” stars then and now at, including Donna Martin, Brenda Walsh, and more!

    NOW: Potter Dispenses Real-Life Advice

    Though Potter is best known for her time on “90210”, she followed the run with a stint on then-NBC soap opera “Sunset Beach”, dialing the melodrama up yet another notch. She also had guest appearances on series like “JAG”, “NYPD Blue”, and “Medium”, in addition to appearing on—and winning!—a celebrity edition of game show “The Weakest Link” in 2002. Partially inspired by her time on “90210”, Potter went back to school in the middle of her time on the series to get her therapist’s license. Though she has been spotted in a couple of commercials, she also actively owns and operates a therapy practice in Los Angeles.

    Aaron Spelling Prod./Courtesy: Everett Collection: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

    THEN: Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh

    Brandon Walsh was the moral compass of the teen show and one of its heartthrobs, no mean feat. It was hard not to fall for his charming smile and hard working ways, and he set the bar completely out of reach for most “real” high school guys who girls just wanted to be able to go to and unload upon the way so many in West Beverly did to Brandon.

    NOW: Priestly Directs

    Priestley broke away from the teen pinup role in order to work on more mature projects after his time at “90210” came to an end, utilizing his talents both in front of and behind the camera. Priestley has recently appeared on Syfy’s “Haven“ as well as Channel 101’s “Call Me Fitz”, which he also produces and directs. Priestley also directed his “90210” costar Luke Perry in the Hallmark original movie “Goodnight for Justice.”

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    Getty Images / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    THEN: Tiffani Thiessen as Valerie Malone

    The drug-using, boyfriend-abusing Valerie returned to the Walshes’ lives in season 5 of “90210.” It was a role that Thiessen was happy to take on post-squeaky-clean, girl-next-door Kelly Kapowski on “Saved by the Bell.” “Being an actor is being an artist, and being an artist, you want to be creative all of the time, but sometimes being on one show for a long time, it can get kind of stale. Different roles help keep your craft sharpened, like a knife,” Thiessen told Snakkle in 2011.

    NOW: Thiessen Sharpens Her Knife

    After “90210”, Thiessen stayed true to her philosophy of mixing up her work on different shows and in different genres. She worked on sitcoms like “Just Shoot Me” and “Good Morning, Miami,” the action-drama “Fastlane,” and relationship dramas like “What About Brian.” Most recently, Thiessen fans can find her on USA’s “White Collar.”

    See all 30 photos of your fave “90210” stars then and now at, including Donna Martin, Brenda Walsh, Dylan McKay and more!

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