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  • Stars' surprising first TV roles

    You may recognize these movie stars from their award-winning films and red carpet appearances, but did you know they all started out with some pretty minor roles on the small screen back in the day? Our friends at dug into the early acting careers of some of Hollywood’s A-list stars for a look at the humbling beginnings on TV! Even budding movie-stars have to pay the bills… see how they did it.


    Brad Pitt (and actress Shalene McCall) on “Dallas”: Pitt’s role on the 80s evening soap opera “Dallas” attracted attention but his other surprise TV roles include brief appearances on “Growing Pains” and “21 Jump Street.”

    NOW: When not raising his family brood with actress Angelina Jolie, the heartthrob is collecting academy awards for films like “Twelve Monkeys” and “Moneyball” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

    See all the big stars on TV before the fame at

    Michelle Williams on “Baywatch”: Five years before landing her role on “Dawson’s Creek”, Williams was on one episode of “Baywatch” as Bridget Bowers (young Hobie’s teen crush in 1993).

    NOW: It takes a strong woman and talented actress to fill Norma Jeane Baker’s shoes but Williams proved that’s what she is in her endearing rendition of Marilyn Monroe in “My Week with Marilyn.”

    Click to see the full Snakkle gallery and watch a classic “Baywatch” clip: Michelle running the beach in an adorable floral bikini.

    Mila Kunis on “Baywatch”: Mila was a babe in on “Baywatch” twice! Once as ”Annie” in 1994 and again as “Bonnie” in 1995.

    NOW: Kunis is officially on the A-List with her wide range of talent, whether dancing in the psychological thriller “Black Swan” or making us laugh with Justin Timberlake in “Friends with Benefits.”

    See the rest of the gallery of A-List stars and their surprising TV roles at

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