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  • An exclusive look at the life of 'Titanic's' Rose, late actress Gloria Stuart

    To celebrate the 15th anniversary 3D release of box office behemoth “Titanic,” our friends at take a look back at the early life of Gloria Stuart, who played ‘the elder Rose” with rare and exclusive photos provided by Stuart’s own grandson Benjamin Stuart Thompson and captions written by her great granddaughter Deborah B. Thompson.

    Gloria passed in 2010 at the grand age of 100, and like Kate Winslet’s character “Rose” in the iconic film, she was always full of love and life. (And, we’re told, she kept the entire crew of the “Titanic” set in laughter with her antics and robust sense of humor… )


    Gloria Stuart, Santa Monica High School Senior Yearbook Photo, 1927
    “This photo was taken in April of 1927, when my great grandmother Gloria was the lead in the senior class play at Santa Monica High. In this picture, you can see a kind of innocent calm that is not easily detected in all the other pictures of my great grandmother taken in the years to follow. In this picture, she was about the same age as I when I began working as her artistic apprentice. My experience of learning printing, painting, and poetry from ‘Great Gloria’ (as I called her) was so special that I was moved to write an e-book about it, called Butterfly Summers: A Memoir of Gloria Stuart’s Apprentice .”

    See all 10 exclusive photos of the “Titanic” star at


    Gloria Stuart, UC Berkeley, 1930
    “My great grandmother’s father died when she was nine. She grew up with a stepfather who had a cruel sense of humor, so when she had the chance to leave home, she took it by enrolling in the only public university in California at the time, UC Berkeley. Here, she appears in a rollicking play set in a dance hall. My great grandmother had a very ribald sense of humor and several members of the “Titanic” cast and crew have mentioned to us that she kept everyone laughing their heads off whenever she was on the set. You can see that she and this actor are sharing a joke while the picture is being taken.”

    See all 10 exclusive photos of the “Titanic” star at


    Gloria in a still from 1933 “Sweepings” film with Drew Barrymore’s great uncle:
    “My great grandmother wearing a flower on her shoulder as she appeared in the 1933 film “Sweepings” with Drew Barrymore’s great uncle, Lionel Barrymore. At that time, my great grandmother thought of herself as a stage actress, first and foremost. She was thrilled to be in a production with the legendary Barrymore.”

    See the entire gallery of rare exclusive photos of the “Titanic” star at

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