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  • Then/Now: Your favorite '80s sitcom siblings

    Oh those rascally ‘8os sitcom siblings!

    Whether stomping up the stairs, smirking at their befuddled parents, or delivering cheesy one-liners, these ’80s TV siblings made the most of their onscreen moments and became massive stars.

    Check out what some of your favorite ’80s TV brothers and sisters are up to today, after they put away the styling mousse.

    Paramount Television, Everett Collection/ Pictorial Parade, Getty Images

    Tina Yothers and Michael J. Fox on “Family Ties”

    Blonde and blue-eyed, actress Tina Yothers played Alex P. Keaton’s tomboy little sister Jennifer on the NBC hit “Family Ties.” Wise beyond her years, Jennifer was the foil in the rivalry between Justine Bateman’s Mallory and a then 21-year-old Michael J. Fox who played the staunched Republican and aspiring businessman/brother.

    Todd Williamson/Getty Images for TV Land/Getty

    Tina and Michael Now

    Raven-haired Yothers — she gave up the blonde hair as soon as “Family Ties” ended — has played Tonya Harding in a TV film and even porn star Linda Lovelace onstage. A mom and stepmom now, she lost 42 lbs. on VH1′s “Celebrity Fit Club.” Her band Jaded is the post-“Family Ties” rock band she formed with real-life brother Cory, and they have even opened for fellow ’80s superstars Menudo.

    Michael J. Fox continued to play teens for years to come in the films “Teen Wolf” and “Back to the Future”—before moving on to more adult TV fare like “Spin City,” “Rescue Me,” and “The Good Wife.” He’s also a known and prominent advocate for Parkinson’s disease research since being diagnosed with it, and has written three well-received books.

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    Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron on “Full House”

    Jodie Sweetin’s Stephanie Tanner may have been the middle sister sandwiched between Candice Cameron and the Olsen twins on “Full House,” but she managed to get in a few catch phrases of her own. And her older sis DJ Tanner, the oldest of the on-screen siblings of one the most popular shows in the 1980s, played by Candace Cameron, had the awesome hair and dreamy boyfriends young fans admired. Viewers, along with DJ’s on-screen family were proud to see the teenager attend her anticipated prom on the show’s finale episode.

    Amanda Edwards,WireImage/Jason Merritt, Getty Images

    Jodie and Candace Now

    After a pretty public battle with post-“Full House” drug abuse, Jodie has come clean, written a book, married, and had two kids. Most recently, she appeared on the TV series, “Can’t Get Arrested.”

    Candace managed to steer clear of any post-sitcom fame pitfalls, and is a regular on the ABC Family drama “Make It or Break It,” and recently published her first book, “Reshaping It All.” She is also real-life sister to actor Kirk Cameron from the ‘80s show “Growing Pains.”

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    Warner Bros., Everett Collection/Seth Poppel, Yearbook Library

    Jeremy Miller and Kirk Cameron on “Growing Pains”

    Benjamin “Ben” Seaver was the rambunctious younger brother on ABC’s “Growing Pains” and was famous for his scream. While Ben came off as awkward, girls pined after the school slacker and sometimes troublemaker Mike Seaver played by the devoutly religious — even back during the show’s run– actor Kirk Cameron.

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    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images for Samuel Goldwyn Films

    Jeremy and Kirk Now

    Since “Growing Pains,” Jeremy’s gotten most exposure playing himself in commercials (in a 2007 McDonald’s ad) and in vehicles that poke fun at child actors. Married now, with three stepchildren, he still gets recognized for his TV sibling fame as Ben Seaver.

    Their sitcom days behind them, Kirk and his real-life sibling Candace (of “Full House”) continue to act in projects close to their heart. Kirk draws from his strong longtime Christian faith and starred in the religious “Left Behind” film series.

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