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  • From Skinny to Ripped: Celebrities Who Bulked Up

    Not everyone wins the genetics lottery of life. Even Hollywood types often start out awkward and skinny, and pale shadows of the gorgeous stars they have transformed into today. In hopes of inspiring some New Year’s motivation, our friends at dug into their image vaults to compare and contrast the entertainment elite when they weren’t so physically impressive to see exactly how far a lot of them have come.

    (Feel free to print and post these images on your refrigerator for some inspiration in 2012. Except maybe Carrot Top. That one’s just scary.)

    Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Charley Gallay/Getty Images

    Carrot Top: Silly to Scary

    In case you forgot, the pumped-up and over-tanned ginger comedian known as Carrot Top wasn’t always the freakishly defined specimen that struts around Las Vegas today. No, Carrot was born Scott Thompson and was an average-sized kid from Cocoa, Florida. It wasn’t until a few years into his success as a college campus stand-up comic that Scott decided to partake in serious weight lifting and body enhancements, thus creating the scarier (and slightly freakish) Carrot Top we know today.

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    Evan Agostini/Getty Images, Jay Maidment/ Marvel

    Chris Evans: Average Joe to Incredible Hulk

    Chris Evans may have played the part of a jock in “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001) and he filled out his spandex nicely as Johnny Storm in “Fantastic Four” film (2005), but WHOA, who saw this new and improved version of Evans coming in last year’s “Captain America” movie? Chris, send us your trainer’s cell number, now.

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    Michael McDonnell/Archive Photos/Getty Images, Ian Gavan/Getty Images

    Madonna: Skinny to Sinewy

    Madonna Louise Ciccone began her career as a dancer in New York City. Lean with lots of curves, Madonna learned a lot of edgy moves that brought her to the forefront and sparked her career as a mega pop star. Now, 53, Madonna has beat down the march of time on her body by keeping it in rock-hard condition. Whether it’s keeping fit for tours or just maintaining for the cameras, Madonna’s got guns that make women half her age blanch.

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    Ryan Caliendo,

    Jonathan Lipnicki: Little to Large

    Holy puberty! Remember that bespectacled kid with the spiky hair in “Jerry Maguire”? That was child actor Jonathan Lipnicki, who starred in other Hollywood hits like “Stuart Little” (1999) and “The Little Vampire” (2000). It’s hard to keep a career when you’re not a precocious cutie anymore, so now 21-year-old Jonathan has reinvented himself as one muscled-up dude.

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