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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Natasha Bedingfield goes country and builds self-esteem

    Natasha Bedingfield, perhaps best known for “Unwritten,” her catchy theme song for MTV’s reality hit, “The Hills,” has left her pop roots and gone country–at least for her debut on the 45th annual Country Music Awards.

    “It’s such a small world and there’s so much music out there,” the blonde Brit told “Fox & Friends” this morning. “It’s so much fun to dabble in a different style.”

    Grammy-award nominated Bedingfield finds inspiration for her songs from the heart. “I just sing about life,” she explains. “I think that love happens to be one of those subjects that is dear to people’s hearts. I love how country music is about real things.”

    [fn video 1228087179001]

    Bedingfield is also getting real about the issue of body image, and has joined Dove in their self-esteem initiative for girls this weekend. “I’m kicking off the weekend, but the whole point of it is to just to encourage women all across America to spend an hour with a young woman in their life,” Bedingfield explains. “I’ve always loved the way that Dove advertises their products, because it’s about real women. I do feel like every woman feels like their self-esteem is challenged by the images that we have or the perfect images we’re trying to live up to.”

    For those who aren’t sure how to talk to girls about self-esteem, Bedingfield has a suggestion. “If you go on Dove’s Facebook, it’s got an amazing toolkit that can help you figure out how to help with that stuff.”

    “I’m pro the body,” declares Bedingfield. “It takes a lot of work to be comfortable in your own body, so anything that helps!”

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