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  • Kris Jenner thinks O.J. Simpson killed wife, regrets not seeing her day before murder

    Meaghan Murphy | 

    Kris Jenner (X17)

    “O.J. did it!”

    That’s what Kris Jenner,  former wife of late O.J. Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian, suggests in a new book.

    The New York Post reports that in Jenner’s memoir, “Kris Jenner …and All Things Kardashian,” the matriarch of the Kardashian clan explains that Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, told her, “(O.J.’s) going to kill me and he’s going to get away with it.”

    “(Nicole) was a wreck,” Jenner remembers. “She was convinced that someone was looking in her windows and climbing through her bushes in the middle of the night.”

    Jenner even received a chilling call from Nicole Simpson on June 12, 1994. “Nicole said, ‘Can you get over here…? I need to talk to you–it’s really important.”

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  • Taylor Swift threatens to sue web site for posting nude photo it says is singer

    Meaghan Murphy | 

    A weird web site says it has a nude photo of Taylor Swift, and the country star is not amused.

    Not in the least.

    Swift is threatening to sue a web site that features semi-nude celebs for posting a photo of a topless young girl who strongly resembles the Grammy-winning singer.

    RELATED: Swift Proves You Don’t Need Sex to Sell. reported that Swift’s attorneys sent the site a letter demanding that they take down the nude photo immediately, citing copyright infringement by posting “false pornographic images” and “false news” about the singer.

    Unimpressed with the threat of legal action, the site remained defiant, keeping the photo in question viewable on their web site (at least as of press time).

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  • Maxim magazine salutes the military with special newsstand edition

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Kaitlynn hearts the Air Force.

    Talk about doing your part to support the troops!

    A bevy of beauties, including WWE Diva Kelly Kelly, is featured in the special collector’s edition of Maxim Salutes the Military.

    “Hearing the troops scream your name… It pumps you up so much!” says Kelly, who has made four visits to military personnel stationed overseas during her travels with the WWE’s Tribute to the Troops. “I’m like, ‘Shoot, I gotta bring out the big guns and put my all into every match.’”

    MORE PHOTOS: Maxim Salutes Military.

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  • Royals won't reveal details on Kate Middleton's mystery scar

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, conducted her first solo official royal engagement, but it wasn’t her sexy dress that had people talking – it was the large, mysterious scar that her stylish hairdo revealed, reports.

    Photos of Middleton, who wore a shimmering silver gown for the event, show a prominent three-inch mark that runs from above her left ear towards her temple.

    PHOTOS: Kate Middleton.

    Though a spokesman for the Duchess has confirmed the scar was the result of surgery as a child, no further details have been released.

    According to The Daily Mail, senior royal sources say it was a “very serious operation” but refused to elaborate.

    John Scurr, a surgeon from London, told the newspaper he thought the scar was unlikely to have been the result of surgery for a tumor, but speculated it could be the result of having a birthmark removed.

    Middleton isn’t the only royal with an obvious scar. Her husband, Prince William, has what he calls his “Harry Potter scar,” the result of being hit with a golf club when he was 13.


  • 'Real World' star Tonya Cooley sues MTV over alleged rape during filming, report says

    Meaghan Murphy | 

    Tonya Cooley (far left) and the cast of 'Real World Chicago'. (MTV)

    Tonya Cooley, a cast member on several of MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules” challenges, has filed a lawsuit against MTV, Bunim/Murray Productions, and cast members Kenneth “Kenny” Santucci and Evan Starkman alleging that she was raped while cameras were rolling for 2009’s “The Ruins” season of MTV’s long-running reality competition game show, according to an online report. reports that Cooley alleges in her lawsuit that Santucci and Starkman “took another male participant’s toothbrush and rubbed the toothbrush around plaintiff’s genitals, including rubbing her labia and inserting the toothbrush into plaintiff’s vagina” while she was unconscious.

    Even more shocking, Cooley claims that “producers not only knew about the rape, they even replaced the toothbrush, but never told her what happened,” according to TMZ.

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  • Courtney Stodden Photos Emerge: From This ... to This?

    FOX 411 | Editor


    Courtney Stodden now ... and then. (YouTube/Celebuzz)

    In a few short years, Courtney Stodden went from a cute little teenage girl …. to a 16-year-old who looks like she’s 36 … to a 16-year-old who looks like she’s 36, married to a 51-year-old.

    Now 17, she and actor Doug Hutchison, the aforesaid 51-year-old, who once acted across Tom Hanks, are going to be starring in their own reality show about, what else, being the very interesting couple that they are.

    RELATED: Hutchison Ignores New Child Bride at FedEx Store. published a bunch of “before” photos of Stodden, and the transformation is striking, to say the least.

    PHOTOS: Stodden Before & After.

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  • Ready, Okay! Give Me a 'C'!: Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Did you spend endless “Friday Night Lights”-type nights rooting for you school’s favorite teams?

    Well so did some of your favorite celebs.

    The celebrity website dusted off the megaphone and did a few splits to bring you some cheer-tastic pics of celebrities — and a certain former president – who have a pom-pom past.

    PHOTOS: Celeb Roommates, Before They Made It Big.

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  • Poll: Which Lohan is the most screwed up?

    FOX 411 | Editor

    Lindsay Lohan (AP)

    It’s hard to imagine a time when the Lohan family wasn’t dominating the celebrity gossip headlines with arrests, substance issues or just plain ridiculous antics.

    Is it Lindsay, who traded in an A-list Hollywood career for a job cleaning toilets at the county morgue following her endless legal troubles. Or perhaps its her father, Michael, who jumped out of a third story balcony into a tree to avoid police.

    Check out our recap of the madness that is the Lohans and then vote in our poll.

  • Jennifer Lopez named one of Glamour magazine's 'Women of the Year'

    FOX 411 | Editor

    It’s been an eventful 365 days for one of Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year” Jennifer Lopez.

    The “American Idol” host, actress, designer, singer and actress saw her career come back in full force this year, returning to the television and music scene.

    She was also picked for People magazine’s “Most Beautiful.”

    But it wasn’t all great news. 2011 also saw the end of her 7-year marriage to Marc Anthony, with whom she two children.

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  • Tiger Woods alleged former flame Rachel Uchitel is pregnant with first child, report says

    Meaghan Murphy | 


    Tiger Woods’ former mistress, Rachel Uchitel, is reportedly expecting her first child with husband Matt Hahn.

    “She found out she was pregnant when she auditioned for ‘The Amazing Race,’” a source told Life & Style. “They were going to try out to be a couple on the show, and when she had a drug test, it came back positive that she’s pregnant!”

    Meanwhile, Uchitel is keeping mum on the status of the stork’s arrival.

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