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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • What has Barry Manilow done to his face?

    Barry Manilow may write the songs that make the whole world sing, but the crooner beloved by millions may want to face the music about growing older and take a break from going under the knife.

    “Where do I begin?” Dr. Peter Geldner, a Chicago-based plastic surgeon who does not treat Manilow, tells “Starting from the top: His hairline is flawless. Very uncommon in an older man. He either has hair grafts or an ‘appliance.’”

    Barry Manilow: Today’s Young Musicians Don’t Write Quality Music

    Manilow’s hairline is not the only thing that has had some adjustments, Geldner says.

    “The area between Manilow’s eyes has a hollow on each side, which suggests a browlift,” explains Dr. Geldner. “His eyelids have been done, but poorly. There is a lot of extra skin, and his right upper eyelid droops, possibly due to surgery. His lower eyelids, however, look good.”

    Manilow, despite being eligible for Social Security, has an unlined face. Could it be magic? The good doctor doesn’t think so.

    “It appears that he has had at least one facelift, and it looks okay, but strangely unnatural,” says the founder of the Geldner Center. “He either has very large cheek implants or–more likely–fat transfer to the cheeks. Not a good look. He looks like a cherub! I usually like the results of a fat transfer, but this is not well done.”

    The multiple Grammy-winner also appears to have a fondness for fillers. “Manilow obviously has a filler–possibly lots and lots of filler–in his nasolabial lines. You can see the bumps everywhere and it looks like a Vienna wiener under his skin.”

    Dr. Geldner’s advice for Manilow?

    “Stage makeup belongs on the stage,” Geldner says. “His work is not as disturbing as Carrot Top’s, but close.”

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