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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Fresh off CEO's sex harassment allegations, American Apparel selling 'Teenagers Do It Better' Tee

    Despite being accused of sexually harassing minors on multiple occasions, American Apparel CEO Dov Charney doesn’t seem to be a man who has any intentions of backing down from controversy.

    The clothing company, often under fire for using very young models in very suggestive poses, is now advertising a t-shirt bearing the slogan “Teenagers Do It Better.”

    Aside from Charney’s legal woes involving sexual exploitation, the shirt’s suggestive nature comes further into question because of its origins. The shirt is designed in collaboration with Ey! Magateen (NSFW), a publication which describes itself as “a colorful and fun publication celebrating the magnificent vitality, energy and power of young male adulthood.” It also features very suggestive photos of young boys, aged 16-21.

    The slogan T-shirt sells for $24 on But a visit to the retailer’s site yields an incredibly NSFW slideshow, all featuring young men and women in highly-sexualized poses.

    Dov Charney (Reuters)

    A lawsuit filed in March of this year accused Charney of holding a teenager as his own personal sex slave. The first harassment lawsuit against him was filed in 2005.

    Charney has vehemently denied all charges made against him, calling them “a false attempt to extort money from my company and exploit my transparent persona.”

    Does Dov Charney go too far with the “Teenagers Do It Better” slogan?

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