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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Princess Kate: From svelte and sexy to scary skinny in six months?

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, meets actress Reese Witherspoon on July 10, 2011. (Reuters)

    Princess Kate has never looked like she packed away too many crumpets with afternoon tea, but has the svelte royal gone too far in the weight loss department?

    The Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton stood side by side with some of Hollywood’s skinniest celebrities on her trip to the West Coast last week—and made the skinny minnies look downright chunky.

    First the Duchess made the diminutive Reese Witherspoon look plump and round at a reception in Santa Barbara for the Tusk Trust.

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    At a Bafta dinner, Catherine’s arms looked half the size of Nicole Kidman’s. London’s Daily Mail mocked the actress for looking heavy next to their princess. “She made the normally giraffe-like Nicole Kidman look almost in need of Spanx slimming knickers,” they wrote.

    Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge meets actress Nicole Kidman on July 10, 2011. (Reuters)

    “Let’s hope this doesn’t send Nicole Kidman into a tailspin!” registered dietician and the Director of New York’s Foodtrainers, Lauren Slayton, told FOX411. “Can you imagine anyone making [Kidman] look dumpy, [and] lumpy?”

    FOX411 talked to several nutrition experts, none of whom work with or treat Princess Kate, and they told us the Duchess’ weight is approaching the danger zone.

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    “On her United States tour and visit to Los Angeles even Hollywood celebrities looked more full than her when side by side,” nutritionist and eating strategist Rania Batayneh said. “She does appear underweight, especially for her 5′ 10″ frame. When they used to call her ‘Waity Katie’, she may have interpreted it as ‘Weighty Katie.’”

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, boxes USO care packages at the Mission Serve: Hiring Our Heroes event in Culver City, California July 10, 2011. (Reuters)

    They say a healthy weight ballpark for women is 100 lbs if you’re five feet tall, with about five more lbs added per inch, says registered dietician Eliza Zied. The experts agreed that Kate is looking below 120 lbs—30 lbs less than a woman should weigh at 5′ 10.”

    So why would the former Ms. Middleton go from pleasantly svelte to scary skinny over the past six months? Well in preparation for her royal wedding, watched by millions around the globe, it was reported that both Catherine and her mother Carole Middleton used the French Dukan diet, which restricts certain food groups, including carbohydrates, to get ready for the big day.

    “This is leaning towards unhealthy because when you eliminate major food groups you eliminate potential nutrients,” Batayneh said. The nutritionist estimates that the Duchess is likely restricting herself to less than 900 calories a day.

    “The stress of losing too much weight too fast is not only unhealthy but it is also dangerous,” Batayneh said. “Something else is happening besides skipping a meal here and there because of a busy schedule.”

    So perhaps after the post-wedding royal hobnobbing subsides, Princess Kate might want to start asking for an extra crumpet or two when tea is served.

    - Jo Piazza

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