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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Jen Aniston on Childhood: 'I Was Kinda Large'

    Jen Aniston may be known for having one of the best bodies in Hollywood, but the “Horrible Bosses” star says she can remember a time when she was “kinda large.”

    Covering the July issue of Marie Claire magazine, Aniston recalls that as a child, she struggled with her weight. In particular, Aniston discussed appearing as an extra in her father’s soap opera, “Search for Tomorrow.”

    “When I was 12, I asked him if I could get a part on his show,” she said. “I wore a yellow skating outfit, and I was kinda large. It’s hard to look good in yellow and I certainly did not.”

    Click here for more of Jen’s interview with Marie Claire Magazine.

    These days, Aniston’s worries have little to do with her figure. But the paparazzi has found a new thing to focus on in her life: her rumored relationship with actor Justin Thoreux.

    Earlier this week, Aniston was dubbed a “homewrecker” after reportedly breaking up Thoreux’s fourteen-year relationship.

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    More from Jen’s interview from Marie Claire:

    On what she spent her first paycheck on:“I spent my first paycheck on a vintage Mercedes. I was struggling a little in New York, working as a waitress at Jackson Hole but not really getting any consistent acting work. Then I moved out here to Los Angeles, and I started getting pilots and working pretty regularly. I still didn’t make any decent money until I got on Friends.”

    On what she’d be doing if she weren’t an actor: “Maybe an interior designer. I love seeing a house and thinking about how it should be redone or restored. I spent a lot of time doing my current house, and it’s beautiful…It’s like a beautiful work of art, and I’m very proud of it.”

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