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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Poll: Who paid for Kim Kardashian's ring?

    As the gossip world continues to buzz around the news of Kim Kardashian’s engagement, one question is looming on most mere mortals’ minds: how the heck did Kris Humphries afford a $2M ring?

    Sure, Humphries makes a lot of money as a professional basketball player. At 26, his salary with the New Jersey Nets is $3.2M. In his six year career, he has brought in a total of $17M.

    But Humphries, who averages 10 points a game, is hardly one of the NBA’s best or highest rated players.  Nor does he have several high-paying endorsements like his fellow NBA players Dwight Howard, LeBron James  and Dwayne Wade.


    His future extended in-law Lamar Odom, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, pulls in more than twice what Humphries makes. Yet, his ring for Kim’s little sister Khloe cost less than half of what Kim’s did, at $850G.

    And if you’re thinking that he could have been saving for years, think again – the couple has been dating for  a mere 6 months.

    The Kardashians, Kim especially, are money-making machines. Kim would be more likely to afford the ring, although the sum would still be a heavy one, nearly half of what her home is worth.

    Between the magazine cover, the almost-certain reality show special and the photos of their impending nuptials, $2M may become more feasible for the future couple. In all likelihood, the E! network may have contributed toward the ring’s fee or at least secured a discount with the jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz.

    What do you think? Who paid for Kim’s ring?

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