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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Is Jennifer Aniston going topless in new movie 'Horrible Bosses'?

    Jennifer Aniston has managed to keep her upper half under wraps from prying paparazzi for the better part of her 20-year career in Hollywood, but now America may see what the former “Friend” has been hiding.

    A source tells Us Weekly (via Hollywood Life) that Jen shot a topless scene for her upcoming romantic comedy “Horrible Bosses.”

    HOT SHOTS: Jen Aniston.

    “Producers aren’t sure if they’ll use it,” the source explains. “They filmed it two ways: In one, you see Jen’s face and boobs in the same shot. In another, the audience might think it’s a body double.”

    Jen Aniston launching her new perfume on March 10, 2011. (Reuters)

    This is not the first time Aniston has bared (almost) all on film. The star walked around topless on the set of a Chicago apartment for a scene in “The Break-up,” a film she costarred with then-real life love Vince Vaughn.

    The scene was artfully cropped for mass consumption, but the titillating outtakes briefly hit the Internet only to be quickly shut down by Aniston’s legal team.

    Maybe Aniston has had a change of heart? A string of box office bombs can do that….

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