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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • ABC censors Usama bin Laden Joke on 'Happy Endings'

    ABC’s new comedy, “Happy Endings,” usually deals with a group of loft-dwelling twentysomethings—not politics—but on last night’s episode, “Of Mice and Jazz-Kwon Do,” ABC’s standards and practices awkwardly cut a joke about Usama bin Laden.

    The episode taped weeks ago, long before there was any hint of the mission to kill of the Al Qaeda leader.

    Elisha Cuthbert’s character is having trouble with a pesky mouse that has invaded her apartment, and Zack Knighton compares the rodent to a “Bin Laden.”

    When the episode aired in the U.S., Knighton told Cuthbert, “He’s my bin Laden—Jessica bin Laden—a super hot Arab girl I went to college with.”

    The joke ends there, with the audio cutting out while Knighton’s lips are still moving.

    The Hollywood Reporter learned that the censored punch line was, “She was the one who got away.”

    Obviously, the joke didn’t work anymore, but the full line aired on Canada’s Citytv—prompting “The Hollywood Reporter” to speculate that ABC was conscious about offending sensitive U.S. viewers.

    The clip of the video on and goes a step further, with the camera immediately cutting to Cuthbert nodding after Knighton talks about his college crush.

    The elusive mouse is then captured and released by Cuthbert.

    The real Bin Laden, not so lucky.

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