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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow's hubby doesn't like her dinner parties

    Gwyneth Paltrow recently threw a dinner party to celebrate the publication of her new cookbook, “My Father’s Daughter,” but one of the bold-named guests wasn’t exactly having a good time—Paltrow’s own hubby, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin!

    At a spread so fabulous that it prompted Martha Stewart to Tweet, “Is Gwyneth the next Martha?,” Martin arrived “looking cranky” and clearly not in the mood for idle chit-chat (a publicist warned a writer for the New Yorker that Martin “doesn’t want to talk”).

    Paltrow’s BFF, internationally renowned Italian chef Mario Batali, more than made up for Martin’s reticence to chat, “She eats like a truck driver,” Batali blurted about the willowy blond’s enormous appetite.

    The Croc-loving chef then relayed a story of Paltrow eating “an entire pan of paella as big as a manhole cover” while visiting Valencia, Spain.

    Paltrow, who clearly seemed to enjoy her new role as domestic goddess, whipped up a menu that included roasted red peppers with anchovies, escarole salad and pasta with duck ragout.

    Guests who enjoyed the dinner served on Paltrow’s outdoor terrace included Jay-Z, Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, Michael Stipe and Christy Turlington.

    For her part, Paltrow claims that she eats moderately, telling the New Yorker that earlier that day she had consumed, “a cappuccino, some poached eggs with spinach, an apple, almonds, some cheese and bread, and a turkey sandwich with avocado and tomato.”

    But perhaps embracing her reputation for having a voracious appetite, Paltrow noted, “People who don’t know me think that I only eat seaweed and rice balls.”

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