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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Kate Hudson compares pregnancy to 'being stoned'

    Kate Hudson, who is in her third trimester with her second child, says being pregnant is like “getting stoned.”

    Hudson, who is promoting her new film, “Something Borrowed,” explained to “Extra,” “You do get the pregnant mush-brain… you know what it’s like? It’s like getting stoned.”

    The marijuana mommy, who gained almost seventy pounds carrying son Ryder, received some frank advice from her OB/GYN, “My doctor looked and me and goes, ‘So let’s try not to gain 68 pounds this pregnancy.” The normally petite Hudson shot back that she wasn’t “promising anything.”

    Hudson admits that her pregnancy is “definitely starting to weigh (her) down a little bit” and that she “gets tired faster.”

    And while her Ryder is hoping for a baby brother, Hudson believes her son’s on the wrong track, “I have a feeling it might be a girl…she’s just too crazy—It seems like my family female lineage…she’s just wild in there, just dancing all over.”

    The “Almost Famous” star has further proof: The “string test” prophesied a female! “You take a piece of your hair, and you take a ring… and you string it through–this is very witchy of me!” Hudson explained to Entertainment Tonight. “And then what you do, is you hold it over your stomach. And then (if it moves in a) circle, (it’s) a girl, and a boy goes back and forth.”

    Boy or girl, stoned or not, Hudson is enjoying her condition.

    “Being pregnant is wonderful,” beams Hudson. “It’s like being in a little love bubble.”

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