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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Reese Witherspoon Mourns the Loss of Her Privacy: Sometimes I sit in the car and cry

    America’s Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon opens up to Vogue about what it was like to film with a 9,000-pound elephant for her upcoming film “Water for Elephants” (in theaters April 22) and how much her life has changed since doing “Cruel Intentions” in 1999.

    The May covergirl, who just celebrated her 35th birthday admits that age doesn’t bring wisdom. “I know now that I don’t know anything,” she laughs.

    Keep reading for more quotes from her interview.

    On giving up her privacy…

    “I feel like an ingrate for even thinking anything isn’t good … But… I parted with my privacy a long time ago. We went different ways. And sometimes I mourn it. Sometimes I will sit in the car and cry. Because I can’t get out. That’s the only thing: I mourn the loss of my privacy.”

    On her new husband, Jim Toth…

    “He’s wonderful… He’s just a really great guy, and I feel really lucky. It’s so cute: Over the holidays I was at a department store in L.A. with my friends, and these three women from Oklahoma came up to me, and they said [in a thick Southern drawl] ‘Reese. We are so happy for yeeew. We liiike this guy for yeeew.’ And I said, ‘You do?!’ ‘Yes, ma’am. We think he is a niiice man. We think he is going to treat you well and be good to yeeew.’ I was like, ‘Really?’ So sweet! And I told them my mother likes him very much, too.”

    On filming with an elephant…

    “She could crush you with her jaw, but she knows the exact right amount of pressure with which to pick you up but not hurt you. It’s really incredible. I trust her more than any other animal I have ever been around… I’ve always been a little bit of a tomboy that way, so I just always enjoy the thrill of doing something dangerous.”

    On being in a “good place…”

    “I have had my share of heartbreak. But I think your friends really know when you are at your happiest… I am mostly very calm right now. Usually, I’m a little bit of a squirrel. I have a squirrelly energy… Like, you don’t know where your next nut is gonna come from?… At the moment I am not buzzing around all squirrelly and nervous. I just feel really lucky to be with someone who cares so much and is so kind and loving. It’s a really nice thing to finally have that.”

    On having close friends…

    “I have to say, I have been through a few life experiences that have just made me feel really good about my friends because the truth never came out about certain things. And that made me feel like I have confidantes in them… It means a lot to me that I have that, because so much of my life belongs to other people. Everyone always laughs about it and goes, ‘Boy, they got that wrong!’ It makes me feel like, Wow, maybe there’s something that’s still my own.”

    On family life in Hollywood…

    “I don’t wake up to make movies. I wake up to have a wonderful family and to cultivate the best life for all of us, and it’s great to now have a partner in that. We have a lot of family meetings. ‘Mom’s going to be away and coming home on the weekends. How does everybody feel about that?’ It’s always military operations around here. Lots of different moving parts. I have my moments when I feel like I’m just going to collapse and I can’t do it anymore and I’m failing at everything. Like, you’re kind of good at a bunch of stuff but not really good at anything.”

    On being in her mid-30s…

    “I think 35 for a woman is a big thing. I remember when I was a little girl looking up at my mother at 35 doing her hair in the mirror, and I thought, My mother has never been more beautiful. She had years of wisdom you can’t erase. And now I feel the same way when I look in the mirror.

    You can’t pretend you are an ingenue. You can’t pretend you are wide‐eyed and innocent. It’s on your face! It’s in your body. It’s in your voice. It’s in your reactions to things when people say, ‘I just did the most morally corrupt thing I’ve done in my life’ and you literally don’t blink.”

    On what she knows now versus 10 years ago…

    “I definitely know now that I know nothing… When I was 26 I would have told you a lot of things that I thought I knew really, really well… I was a little more shut down in my 20s. I was really scared of a lot of things and a lot of people.

    “I have gone through so many changes since then. Obviously, being divorced and having a couple of relationships. I’m much more open than I was. I think with life experience you go: I have no idea what’s next. The unexpected doesn’t surprise me anymore. It really shocked me then.”


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