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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Miley Cyrus dazed and confused outside Chateau Marmont

    Nov. 21: Miley Cyrus at the American Music Awards (AP)

    Wayward tween icon Miley Cyrus has given her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, another reason to be concerned.

    A dazed looking 18-year old Cyrus was snapped arriving at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont around 1am on March 12, unsteady on her feet. At one point, according to onlookers, friends were holding on to Cyrus to prevent her from falling into the street.

    PHOTOS: Miley Outside the Chateau Marmont.

    Cyrus and her pals partied at the infamous nightspot until 3am, when she and her crew made their exit out the back.

    “I’m scared for her,” dad Billy Ray Cyrus told GQ magazine earlier this month. “She’s got a lot of people around her that’s putting her in a great deal of danger. I know she’s 18, but I still feel like as her daddy I’d like to try to help. Take care of her just a little bit, to at least get her out of danger. I want to get her sheltered from the storm. Stop the insanity just for a minute. When you go through what she’s been through, it takes a beating on you.”

    PHOTOS: Lovely and Talented Miley Cyrus.

    Last month, the “Party in the U.S.A” songstress admitted that smoking legal hallucinogen salvia at a part last November was a “bad decision.”

    “I’m disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans,” Cyrus told Marie Claire. “I’m not perfect … I made a mistake.”

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