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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Emmy Rossum explains 'Shameless' sex scenes, changes tune on onscreen nudity

    Emmy Rossum covers Vegas magazine.

    She may look innocent, but don’t be fooled, wide-eyed Emmy Rossum has some definite ideas on how to make sex look good on screen.

    Step one: Take off your bra.

    “It doesn’t make sense that the character would wear a bra and care at all about what she looks like when she’s having sex,” Rossum told Chelsea Handler during a visit on “Chelsea Lately” Monday night. “Sex is meant to feel good, and she wants to feel good. Her life is so sh***y in so many ways. Some people use alcohol, some people use gambling, and some people use sex.”

    PHOTOS: Emmy Rossum.

    Rossum was referring to the character she plays in the appropriately titled Showtime series “Shameless,” also starring William H. Macy. Rossum also  explained to Handler about how to prevent sex scenes from going from “R” to “XXX” in a hurry.

    “It’s a slippery situation,” admitted Rossum. “We like it to be realistic but not real, so I wear something … it’s like a little triangular kind of panty liner.”

    Handler needed further explanation. “So you stick it on you, so that area is covered?”

    “Yeah!” replied Rossum. “And the guy wears, like, a sock.”

    The actress has changed her thinking on onscreen nudity somewhat in the past few years. Rossum told in 2008 that while she would consider a nude scene for the right film role, she wouldn’t show everything.

    “I don’t think I could ever do full-frontal,” Rossum said. “That’s probably the one thing I couldn’t do. Touch wood.”

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