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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Makeover-O-Matic: How Charlie Sheen can go from really gritty, back to kinda pretty


    FOX411's Charlie Sheen Makeover. (X17/TMZ)


    It seems that Charlie Sheen’s wild lifestyle has finally caught up with him—decades of partying are evident on his face, body and teeth.

    The shocking video and photos that hit TMZ last week shows the “Two and a Half Men” star appearing haggard and tooth-challenged as he danced with a bevy of lovely, much younger ladies.

    Fortunately for Sheen, 45, FOX411 has amassed an army of experts to whip the hard-partying star back to his former fabulous self in twelve easy steps.

    1. TEETH

    “It doesn’t look good—it looks like he has missing teeth,” celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Eric Fugier tells FOX411 after looking at the TMZ photos. “It looks like he has gold teeth in the back, two of the front teeth are broken, short and discolored. It looks like he has missing teeth. He definitely needs a makeover. He needs veneers and if he’s missing teeth, maybe implants. For veneers on twelve of his upper teeth, it would cost from $25-30,000. If he needs implants, it should be done by an experienced surgeon. He would also need a crown on top of it. The procedure would cost a few thousand dollars per tooth—and it looks like Charlie would need about at least two implants.”


    “Charlie has lost a lot of weight in his face,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani tells FOX411. “The first thing I would tell him to do is to gain weight. But if he couldn’t gain weight and assuming he wasn’t on drugs, I would recommend facial fat injections. That’s really one of the most effective ways of rejuvenating a face. The best fat comes from the posterior area of the torso, just above the hips. That tends to be the fat that last the longest, it’s just more genetically resistant to being reabsorbed. Fat injections runs in the $3000-7000 range.”

    3. BOTOX

    “Maybe a little Botox in his forehead—he’s showing age there, probably due to weight loss and other factors,” Mani explains. “Botox for just that one area above the brow would run in the $350-500 range.”


    “With some of the things he may be doing recreationally, it definitely has an effect on the skin,” says Mani. “A good laser regimen like a pixel laser or fractional type of laser would be something he’d be a good candidate for. That would run in the neighborhood of $1,500-4,000 for a series of treatments. Hard partying ages you. But he’s Charlie Sheen—he has the bone structure and strong jaw line that will disguise a lot of facial aging.”


    “He would need a real good moisturizer, because after all that boozing, he’d be really dehydrated,” celebrity make-up artist Angela DiCarlo tells FOX411. “A good, creamy one to make his skin look nice and plump. And for the foundation, I’d use Kett Hydro foundation, which has a glycerin base, and apply it using an airbrush. Men don’t usually like to wear make-up, but when you apply it by airbrush, it’s so light that you don’t feel it on your face. After the makeup is on, I would do a real light dusting of powder, and then put on a little bit of a matte bronzer to help him look less washed-out and sallow.”


    “For his eyes, I’d use a depuffing-eye cream,” says DiCarlo. “My favorite is by MAC, it’s called Fast Response, and it has the same anti-inflammatory properties as Preparation H. After you apply the moisturizer and base, you go in with Fixx Creme under the eyes—he’ll have dark circles under his eyes because he’s been up all night doing whatever and hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep. Also, lots of Visine!”

    7. NO RED NOSE

    “The broken capillaries around the nose comes from a lot of drinking,’ explains DiCarlo. “It will disappear with the airbrush. But to be fair to Charlie, most men have some redness on the nose.”


    “His lips look very cracked and dry, so I’d use Bert’s Bees Wax lip balm—and give him a breath mint,” advises DiCarlo. “It also looks like he may have a cold sore. You don’t want to contaminate your brush kit, so you’d apply the base with an airbrush so only air touches the skin. If you apply makeup with a Q-Tip, you have to be mindful not to double dip.”


    “For his eyebrows, I wouldn’t put any makeup on him, just groom them with a little brow gel,” suggests DiCarlo.


    “It looks like he’s lost about 40 lbs. He looks rough,” Bravo’s “Work Out” star and celebrity trainer Brian Peeler tells FOX411. “First, he needs to detox and get all of those pollutants out of his body. I would get Charlie on a balanced diet with a strict nutrition plan—carbs, organic veggies, high-end protein like fish—put some nutrients back into his body.”

    11. EXERCISE

    “Charlie has to start slow—his body’s so weak, he could get sick really easily,” says Peeler. “He needs to get back to basics with his fitness routine. Start from square one with some cardio, a little bit of lightweight cross training—get him healthy and put the muscle and weight back on. For his arms, which look like they’ve lost muscle, I would have him do push-ups, pull-ups, dips and curls to bring back muscle definition. For his legs, some basic squats and lunges to build his muscle back up.”


    “As someone who has been in Charlie’s shoes—I’m a firm believer that it’s important to do 90 days in a treatment facility,” VH1 “Sober House” star and Pasadena Recovery Center counselor Jennifer Gimenez tells FOX411. “I think his at-home treatment is a quick fix for him—he’s still trying to do it his way. I understand his responsibilities with work, but if he doesn’t get better, he’s going to die—and then there’ll be no work. I believe that he could get better if he gives himself the time. I don’t think that doing quote unquote ‘rehab’ in your house is the right thing to do. He’s going back to the scene of the crime and he’s not in contact with other addicts and alcoholics who are also trying to recover. You really need the process of a group. Doing it alone is scary—I’ve never heard of it working. Time will tell.”

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