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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Jen Aniston's contribution to 'Just Go With It' $1,200 cuss bucket? Nada

    Griffin Gluck, Jennifer Aniston and Bailee Madison in

    Adam Sandler was guilty of having a dirty mouth on the set of his new film, “Just Go With It,” so his pint-sized costar, Griffin Gluck, decided to do something about it.

    “We had a cuss bucket—the prop man, Tim Wiles, helped Bailee (Madison) and I make it,” Gluck tells FOX411 of his time spent on location in Hawaii. “We made about $1,200 from it! Adam paid about $300 of it and we didn’t get a cent out of Jennifer—she didn’t swear once.”

    Aniston definitely found a fan filming with Gluck.

    “Jennifer was really funny on set—she would always come up with extra lines in the movie to make us laugh,” Gluck said. “She’s really good with kids—she would always help us through the scenes if we got stuck. She’s really good at parenting, and she’s just really good on the set.”

    While Aniston didn’t bring her beloved dog, Norman, to the set, other cast members were joined by their four-legged friends. “Adam brought his bulldog, Matzo Ball to the set. Brooklyn Decker loves animals—her dog is really cute and playful.”

    Ten-year-old Gluck’s only acting credits were the leads in two plays before he was cast in “Just Go With It”—possibly because Adam Sandler thought he found a kindred spirit.

    “I was really hyper during the audition—I think that helped a lot in getting the role,” says Gluck. “I was really nervous on my first day—I kept choking on my lines. We had to do it at least 30 times. But Adam helped, he kept walking me through it.”

    As far as the proceeds from the cuss bucket—someone made off with the loot. “We woke up one morning, and we couldn’t find the money in our bucket! Someone stole it.”

    But, Gluck adds, “It definitely wasn’t Jennifer Aniston.”

    Hmm. How can he be so sure?

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