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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Farm girl Hana Nitsche poses nude for PETA, could be next Heidi Klum

    Look out, Heidi Klum!

    Your former protégé, Hana Nitsche, is making a splash in a new ad for PETA—and Holy Cow, she’s naked!

    FOX411 got the first look at Nische’s poster for the animal rights group.

    “I get so nervous and shy, you would not even believe it’s the same girl from the pictures,” Nitsche tells FOX411 in an exclusive interview.

    PHOTOS: Stars Who Posed for PETA.

    The 25-year old won second runner-up on the second season of Germany’s Next Top Model, hosted by Heidi Klum. “She was a bit intimidating,” admits Nitsche. “It’s such a strange feeling to stand in front of a model who always been your idol, and now she is a judge and criticizing you.”

    (It’s hard to imagine that Klum, who herself has stripped down for the camera, would find anything to critique in the resulting photo.)

    Nitsche, who speaks three languages fluently, grew up in the Czech Republic surrounded by animals. “We had chickens, pigs and sheep running around–it was almost like a little farm.”

    She’s been single for four years and has a definite type, “I like more exotic looking guys. Taller then me, great smile, mostly brown eyes, darker skin, more the Latin or Middle East-type. A bit saucy, a bit of a pirate.”

    But do American guys stand a chance?

    “Some of them are really beautiful men,” Nitsche tells FOX411. “Tall and athletic–unless they hang around Burger King too much. I like that American men stay in touch with their inner child–they seem playful.”

    The 5’ 8” stunner doesn’t necessarily need to date a looker, “I kind of like ‘the real man’ body figure,” says Nitsche. “That means he has to be fit, but he can still have a bit of a belly. The only thing is he has to have are masculine arms and chest so I can feel secure when he embraces me.”

    But the teetotaler has one suggestion for Yanks, “One thing I noticed and don’t like that much is that some of the younger guys seem to be a bit into drinking and partying too much.”

    Sorry, Mike, Vinny and Pauly—doesn’t sound like Hana will be visiting the Jersey Shore any time soon.

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