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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Carrie Fisher signs on as new face of Jenny Craig after 75lb weight gain


    “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher is forever known for wearing one of the sexiest costumes in American cinema, and now she says she is ready to get back in shape.

    As the new face of Jenny Craig, the 54-year-old star says, “I’m fat” after gaining 75 pounds from her “Star Wars” days. The 5’1’’ star says at her highest, she weighed 180lbs.

    “All the clothes in my closet belong to another chick,” she tells People magazine. “They have to make a new alphabet for my bra size.”

    Carrie Fisher (center) as Princess Leia in

    Fisher tells the magazine that her weight crept up on her slowly over the years before picking up steam three years ago when she went on the road with her one-woman show “Wishful Drinking.” No exercise and an unbalanced diet led her to her highest weight ever, Fisher said.

    “I would just graze, but I didn’t do it healthy – it was like putting on the feed bag,” Fisher said.

    After struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and life’s tragedies like the death of her father Eddie Fisher last September, she says food became a comfort for her.

    She admits to turning to ice cream bars to help her cope. “That was bad,” she said. “I was in denial.”

    But what hurt the most, Fisher says, was the humiliation from comments from bloggers.

    “I look on the internet and they say, ‘Whatever happened to Carrie Fisher? She used to be so hot and now she looks like Elton John,” she said. “I was really hurt.”

    But since joining Jenny Craig in November, Fisher says she has already dropped 12 pounds by eating plan-approved meals and exercising five days a week, People reported.

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