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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Kanye West angers the Twitterverse with big 'ol mink coat

    Kanye doesn't need awards shows to stir up controversy. (AP)

    Once again, Kanye West has whipped the Twitterverse into a frenzy.

    This time, however, the controversial rapper didn’t upstage a teenage country singer or berate a morning show host.

    Instead, a photo of West exiting a building in a seriously massive, apparently mink coat was posted online, incurring the wrath of thousands of Twitter followers for his un-PC cold-weather gear.

    PHOTOS: Check out Kanye’s toasty coat.

    “I think its absolutely disgusting that @kanyewest wears a mink fur, leather pants, and gator shoes,” @MsJBRZL tweeted. “How many poor animals did he kill for 1/2 an outfit? Smh!”

    Top model Joanna Krupa compared Kanye to the devil with her tweet on Wednesday, and tells exclusively, “If Kanye is wearing a real fur coat — and that’s what it looks like — then I think he’s a man without heart, soul or any common sense.”

    Krupa, an avid animal rights activist, added that “It looks pathetic: He looks like a mutated, two-legged stuffed animal. Anyone who thinks wearing fur is elevating one’s sex-appeal or status must have deep rooted self-esteem issues.”

    Kanye West has not responded to’s request for comment, and has been uncharacteristically silent on Twitter.

    Which has one Twitter fan worried.

    @theDarrenNelson joked, “@kanyewest where you at? Did PETA kill you for wearing that mink haha.”

    Ha. Ha?

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