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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Taylor Swift bombs at selling magazines, while Lady Gaga excels

    Ladya Gaga was Rolling Stone's top cover in 2010. (Rolling Stone)

    The many loves of country crooner Taylor Swift may keep the gossip hounds interested, but as far as moving monthly magazines, she’s dead in the water.

    The Pennsylvania native has the dubious distinction of being on the cover of Elle magazine’s worst selling issue of the year, with 60,000 fewer copies sold than a typical issue, according to a report by WWD with research from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

    Swift’s mug also failed to move many copies of Glamour or Marie Claire, as her covers were those magazines’ second and third worst selling issues of the year, respectively.

    SLIDESHOW: The Lovely and Talented Taylor Swift

    So what is it about Kanye West’s nemesis that keeps money in magazine buyers’ wallets?

    “Taylor Swift doesn’t create the same kind of narrative that people love to follow, like say, Kim Kardashian,” pop culture expert and Daily Beast contributor Richard Rushfield tells “The days of being a nice person and just looking pretty on cover are behind us.”

    Lady Gaga, nude save for a thong and a bra fashioned from a pair of machine guns, produced Rolling Stone’s best selling issue of the year, selling three times better than average. She was also the cover girl for Cosmopolitan’s best-selling issue of the year, and sold exceptionally well for Vanity Fair and for Elle.

    SLIDESHOW: Lady Gaga’s Freaky Fashions

    “Lady Gaga is consistently provocative, both onstage and off,” explains Rushfield. “As far as selling magazines, it’s almost better to be hated.”

    And who managed to be both the best-selling (Lucky) and worst selling (Marie Claire) cover for 2010?

    Jessica Simpson!

    “I’m surprised that she was a best seller,” said Rushfield. “But people love to hate her, and she continues to spark enough interest to keep people engaged.”

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