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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Demi Lovato's downward spiral fueled by alcohol, cocaine, report claims


    A new report claims Disney star Demi Lovato’s recent trip to rehab was fueled by heavy drinking and drug use.

    According to Life & Style magazine, the young star, who is dealing with a habit of cutting herself and an eating disorder, saw her problems exacerbated when she began engaging in heavy drinking and cocaine use.

    A Texas college student tells the magazine he remembers partying with the 18-year-old teen, where he says he witnessed her do several lines of cocaine.

    “She was doing line after line like a pro – and she was only 17 at the time,” Brian Payne told the magazine. “I just remember her doing it as if she had been doing it for a long time. It didn’t seem like something new to her.”

    According to the report, Lovato’s problems only intensified when she had to go on tour with her ex boyfriend, Joe Jonas.

    “Demi’s been on a tear lately,” an insider tells the magazine. “She’ll chug booze straight from the bottle.”

    But after hearing reports of her allegedly punching a dancer in the face, Demi’s mother and stepfather quickly stepped in and confronted her, a move which ultimately led to her heading to treatment.

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