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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Two actresses top producers' list of possible Lindsay Lohan 'Inferno' replacements, source says

    Lindsay Lohan and her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley in court. (AP)

    The producers of Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming Linda Lovelace film, “Inferno,” have so far stood behind their recidivist star.

    They have poo-poo’d reports that they were fed up with Lindsay’s legal troubles, and said they will move the production from Louisiana to Los Angeles to accomodate Lohan.

    But a source close to the situation tells that their patience is limited, and that they are devising backup plans should Lohan, 24, end up being unavailable.

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    Two actresses whose names have been tossed around as part of said backup plans? “24″ star Elisha Cuthbert and “Hustle and Flow” actress and singer Taryn Manning, said the snitch.

    However, when contacted by, a rep for Cuthbert said she would definitely not be joining the film.

    Reps for Manning and “Inferno” did not return requests for comment. But “Inferno” producer Jordan Gertner later told that “Lindsay’s our Linda Lovelace.”

    And while Lohan crosses her fingers that the Lovelace film will work out in the end, the source said is spending her days shopping, hanging out with friends and, oh yeah, going to some drug and alcohol classes.

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    “She’ll make an effort to attend meetings and treatment sessions, just so she can try to stay out of trouble,” said the insider. “She is scared and lost, but she covers all the fear and worry up with shopping and friends. Band-aids that will never work.”

    The source adds that while Lohan has been before the courts three times in recent months, and has done two short stints in jail, she still “has not hit rock bottom.”

    “Lindsay is still addicted to the life she has had for the last fiev-plus years. She likes to party, she likes to drink, and she loves to go out with friends every night,” said the insider.

    The insider said Lohan knew when she appeared in court on Friday that, regardless of what the judge did, she would not be spending any significant time in jail.

    “Her team convinced her last week as she was going into court that, no matter what happened, they would have her out of jail within hours, and they did,” said the pal. “Lindsay is not taking anything about her sentence seriously. She is only sorry in the moments when she is in court and is momentarily held accountable for her actions. Once those moments end, Lindsay can’t help herself.”

    – Kelly Will

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