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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Linsday Lohan cashing in on post-incarceration interest

    Lindsay Lohan is making bank, but not at the box office.

    A source tells that the deals her mother Dina Lohan is making for her involving post-rehab interviews and product placement are keeping the actress solvent and flush enough to pay her $130,000 rehab bill, with money left over.

    Lindsay, 24, has her team of people around her now in Los Angeles, sorting out offers and figuring out how best to sustain this boost to her income.

    SLIDESHOW: Lindsay Lohan Stays in the Headlines.

    “Lindsay’s New York team has flown out to Los Angeles for the next few weeks to broker deals and manage her time when she isn’t in rehab outpatient classes,” the pal tells “She has tons of bills to pay, thanks to her sentence, so it’s important she grab every post-rehab opportunity. In that sense, she is very focused and driven right now on using her recovery as a stepping stone.”

    Several companies have already approached Lindsay with product deals.

    “Over the next couple of weeks, she can be paid for carrying something in a photo. Each company is offering between $2,000 and $10,000 for a photo of her with their products,” the source said. “Other companies are sending her masses of things for free hoping she’ll wear them.”

    The only photo of Lohan post-rehab so far came out on Wednesday, and shows the star wearing headphones and holding a drink.

    The source tells us Lindsay did not get paid to wear the V-MODA headphones, but they think it is “likely” that Rockstar Energy Drink is paying Lindsay.

    Calls to Rockstar Energy Drink were not immediately returned.

    “Lindsay’s mom and her manager and lawyer are brokering deals left and right,” said the insider. “It’s a smart way for her to cash in and make up for lost income. She has to create work or she’ll be penniless before the Linda Lovelace movie films.”

    Lohan is slated to play the porn star in an upcoming indie film. She also has a supporting role in “Machete,” which debuts this weekend.

    Dina is already going on her second round of paid interviews, this time with Lindsay in tow.

    “They already have contracts for tell-alls this week [that] were brokered while Lindsay was behind bars. New deals are coming in from various production offices on TV specials surrounding her post-rehab life,” the insider said.

    It was reported yesterday by that Lindsay was offered a $1 million contract with New York radio station Party 105 to co-host a show with her mother.

    “Lindsay’s lawyer is reviewing the contract and it would be a great opportunity for Lindsay,” the source confirmed. “Her mom would like her to move back to New York after all her rehab requirements are fulfilled. Dina wants the family all together again on the East Coast.”

    That may be a problem, as a judge on Wednesday ordered Lindsay to fulfill her rehab requirements in the Los Angeles area.

    - Kelly Will

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