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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Spanish star Charo celebrates bullfighting ban

    Catalonia lawmakers voted today to ban bullfighting in the Spanish region permanently in a move that activists are praising as a victory over animal cruelty.

    The ban will become effective in 2012, ending a longstanding tradition in Spain. And one celebrity who couldn’t be more proud of the decision is Spanish native Charo, who heads PETA’s anti-bullfighting campaign.

    The singer, dancer and actress says “I’m more proud to be Spanish today than on any other day of my life. This shows that the new generation in Spain wants to lose this barbaric tradition.”

    Charo, who recently hosted a video expose on the sport that many call bloody and barbaric, added that she is looking “forward to doing the cuchi cuchi at PETA’s gala in September to celebrate.”

    The ban on bullfighting is a victory in a “lifelong battle” for Charo, who said her father began taking her to the fights as a young girl.

    Other celebrities, including “The Office” star Ricky Gervais, have spoken out against bullfighting practices, which he described as “an animal being tortured” for entertainment.

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