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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Dina Lohan now pushing Lindsay's little sister Ali down same path, source says

    Ali Lohan arrives to attend her sister's probation status hearing at Beverly Hills Municipal Courthouse on June 7, 2010. (Reuters)

    With Lindsay Lohan either in jail or in rehab for the foreseeable future, “momager” Dina Lohan is in Los Angeles strategizing how she will pay the bills and keep her family’s name in the media without her daughter’s help.

    Dina has been working the phones and making media appointments and interviews since Lindsay’s dramatic sentencing on Tuesday afternoon. One Lohan source tells us that some of the upcoming paid interviews will be a family affair and include 16 year-old Ali talking about details of her and Lindsay’s lives.

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    Dina is sitting down for interviews solo this week to give Ali a little time to collect herself, but the mother-daughter pair will soon be appearing together, the insider said.

    “Lindsay was the family breadwinner and now that role will shift while she’s away,” the source told “Dina will sell their story and Ali is the next in line to take over for Lindsay. Dina had hoped that Ali would land some new acting spots while she was living with Lindsay, but that never happened. There was a Nickelodeon show in the works months ago starring Ali, but it fell through.”

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    Our source says that Ali is being pushed down the same path as Lindsay, but where Lindsay was bold and brash, Ali is timid.

    “It’s sad to see this happening to Ali, but this is the only life she has known. Her education isn’t a big priority and Ali idolizes Lindsay. Lindsay is the most stable part of Ali’s life and with her leaving, it takes away her security blanket,” said the insider. “It’s always been assumed that Lindsay would take care of her, but with that in question, Ali will be back with Dina. Dina’s rules and Dina’s interviews. Ali will do whatever the family needs.”

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    Before she does, however, she has to get over the shock of having her sister taken away from her.

    “Ali is the most affected by Lindsay’s sentencing,” the insider told “Ali has been living with her in Los Angeles for most of the last year and Dina sent Ali out there to get work. Ali was supposed to be auditioning and instead she’s been traveling with Lindsay, shopping with Lindsay and hanging out with Lindsay’s friends. Lindsay took over the role of mom to Ali and Ali is freaking out about being separated from her big sister.”

    – Kelly Will

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