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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Was Elisabeth Hasselbeck forced to apologize for Erin Andrews comments?


    Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s tearful apology to Erin Andrews on “The View” may have been Barbara Walters’ idea, according to a new report from

    Earlier this week, Hasselbeck publicly apologized for her comments against stalking victim Andrews on “The View.” Hasselbeck said on an earlier show that Andrews’ convicted stalker could have avoided prison by waiting 12 weeks to see more skin revealed in her costumes on “Dancing With the Stars.”

    Andrews later told Access Hollywood that Hasselbeck’s comments brought her to tears.

    “I think people can have opinions about the costumes and the show,” Andrews said. “But my biggest complaint is she’s a woman and a mother and there was giggling [and] it was a mockery of something I’ve lived through this past year. I felt like it was a slap in the face for victims of stalkers and victims of sexual predators.”

    But while Hasselbeck was genuinely remorseful for her comments, PopEater reports that Walters was the one who said that she had to apologize, not only to rectify the situation, but also for a ratings boost.

    “Barbara thought it would be a good idea to have Elisabeth apologize on air,” an insider told columnist Rob Shuter. “No one is more professional than Barbara, and since the comment was made on ‘The View,’ the apology should also be made on ‘The View.’ Plus, all this drama is GREAT for ratings.”

    And during these tough times, Hasselbeck has reportedly been leaning on her friend Sarah Palin for support. According to PopEater, the two have kept in touch since the election and Palin is offering her the support she needs.

    What do you think? Was Elisabeth’s apology a necessity?

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