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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Fox411 Exclusive: Country singer Julie Roberts rescued from Tennessee flooding, asks for prayers

    Country music singer Julie Roberts said the devastation from flooding in her hometown of Nashville, Tenn. is “horrifying.”

    In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Monday, Roberts said she had to be rescued from the second story of her home with her mother, sister and four dogs.

    “It was crazy and horrifying,” she said. “Rescue boats were coming by for hours.” Officials evacuated the sick and elderly first, and then came back for others like herself, she said.

    (Photos courtesy of Julie Roberts)

    The last time she saw the family’s three cars, they were all floating down the street, Roberts added.

    Roberts said the water had been rising incredibly fast in her home, going from her feet to her chest in a matter of hours while she was still on the first floor.

    “We need your prayers,” she told Kelly, speaking for her hometown. “It looks pretty disastrous for myself, my neighbors and everyone in that area of Nashville.”

    Roberts, 31, is known for hit country singles including “Break Down Here” and “Men & Mascara.”

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