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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Carmen Electra on Bret Michaels, Sandra Bullock and body-grooming


    Who knew model turned actress, Carmen Electra, could be so insightful. She joined “Fox & Friends” on Friday and commented on everything from Bret Michaels’ condition to Sandra Bullocks adoption and man-grooming.

    Wait, what?

    Yes, in honor of Arbor Day – a day supposed to be spent planting trees – Electra is teaming up with Norelco for their “Deforest Yourself, Reforest the World” campaign.

    Electra will personally use one of Norelco’s Bodygrooming products to tame the ‘forests’ of several men in New York City.

    “On behalf of Arbor Day today, we’re encouraging men all over the world to deforest their bodies and reforest the world,” says Electra. “Phillips is planting a tree for every Norelco that’s purchased between now and June 30th.”

    Men will undoubtedly show up in droves for that!

    Electra likes using her celebrity status for good causes, but she also feels that celebrity stature comes with a price.

    Electra who is no stranger to being followed by paparazzi understands Sandra Bullock’s desperation to protect her son Louis from the limelight.

    “I think when you’ve been through a lot in the public eye you get to a point where you want to protect people that you love or people around you,” explains the sultry brunette. “So I can only imagine adopting a child or having a child – for me that would change my life. I completely one-hundred-and-ten- percent understand that protection and where she’s going with that.”

    Electra, who has been engaged to rocker Rob Patterson for over two years, is “always thinking about [having kids]” but is in no rush.

    “To me, I’ve always dreampt of being a mother,” she says. “I would want to get my life together completely and know that I’m completely ready in every way.”

    In regards to Bret Michaels, Electra says, “I’m glad he’s okay” after his rep released a statement saying that the Poison front-man should be back to touring by next year.

    “I don’t know him personally,” Electra tells Fox & Friends. “But I think sometimes when you watch a people on TV you feel like you know them so when someone’s not feeling well or in the hospital, it touches [you].”

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