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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Can Lindsay Lohan be saved?

    Lindsay Lohan in 'Mean Girls' (left) in 2004, and out partying in L.A. in 2010. (Walt Disney/

    Just a few years ago, Lindsay Lohan was the hottest young actress in Hollywood, making the rarely successful transition from adorable child actor in “Parent Trap” and “Freaky Friday” to a bankable, A-list movie star.

    When she posed as Marilyn Monroe for New York magazine in 2008, Lindsay seemed destined to follow her idol and become one of Hollywood’s leading ladies for years to come.

    Since then, however, her life has spiraled out of control. Several arrests and stints in rehab have put the actress on the covers of the celebrity tabloids. Now friends tell exclusively that Lohan, 23, is living in squalor, and she can’t get a part in a movie because no one will insure her.

    “Lindsay has been living in a major mess lately. Whether she’s in her home or a hotel room, she does not pick up after herself or take care of things,” a source close to Lohan told FOX411. “She sleeps on a mattress on the floor, there’s spilled coffee and drinks around the rooms, and stuff all over, clothes everywhere. It is not a clean home environment. She sleeps most days and it is difficult to wake her up.”

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    To make matters even scarier, Lindsay’s 16-year-old sister, Ali, has been staying with her.

    “Ali lives with Lindsay. I think [their mother] Dina believes that it will help Lindsay to have Ali around,” the insider said. “Ali is also in L.A. for work and is hoping to land something soon as an actress. It’s a stretch to think that Lindsay should be responsible for Ali. Lindsay has enough trouble taking care of herself.”

    And Hollywood has noticed. Our source said Lohan recently lost a potential job, a role in the movie “The Other Side,” which she was being considered for after Katie Holmes backed out.

    “Lindsay was cut from the movie for multiple reasons,” said the insider. “It’s an independent film and the budget with the insurance coverage would have skyrocketed. Drug testing would have been a part of the insurance process as well.”

    So with her film options basically zero, her personal life consisting of nights out in clubs and days sleeping on the floor, and a reported credit card debt of over $500,000, can anything be done to help the struggling starlet?

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    Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow said if Lohan is going to be rescued from her descent, she needs people around her who support her. A family member could ask to be appointed her guardian, or they could ask the court to appoint one if they believe Lohan is in danger.

    “Someone has to take the initiative when it becomes clear that an individual is not in control of his or her own life,” Ablow said.

    Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan has recently been trying to do just this, and is seeking to be named her conservator, something Lindsay and her mother Dina are fighting.

    While her father’s relationship has been open to question in terms of whether he’s being supportive or trying to exploit her fame for his own personal gain, friends say he’s really trying to help this time.

    “Michael was speaking with her, her manager and her assistant. He often got dinners and private meetings with her set up in New York and Los Angeles, but Lindsay never showed up,” said our insider. “He absolutely did try to see her without any of the spotlight on them. People have no idea how many calls and requests he had with her and her handlers.”

    With friends in short supply, could an intervention by Lindsay’s family members help at this point? Ablow told that “there needs to be absolute data to support the fact that someone’s putting herself at risk by her behaviors, and then with that data an intervention may be helpful.”

    So can Lindsay be saved?

    “The short answer is yes,” said Ablow. “I have seen people who are in terrible circumstances pull their lives together when sufficient resources are brought to bear to defeat their problems with substances.”

    - With reporting by Kelly Will and Jana Winter.

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