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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Scott Baio and his wife in another Twitter tussle...

    Some people like to duke it out mano a mano. The Scott Baio family prefers Tweet to Tweet.

    It all started last week when the website posted the “Happy Days” star’s tweet:

    “Taxes are DONE…That should feed, house & provide medical for a few lazy non working people at my expense. Have a great Monday!”

    SLIDESHOW: Catch Up With the ‘Happy Days’ Cast.

    The star’s wife didn’t like that the site didn’t pose any editorial comments and just let readers leave angry posts.

    Renee Baio took to her Facebook page to vent: “F**k you, web rag!!!” she posted. “You bunch of FAR LEFT lesbian s******s!!!!!! No wonder you’re all lesbos because what man in his right mind could put up with all your c***ness? Scott Baio has more class in his p**s than in all of you all!!!”

    Half an hour later, apparently realizing that her comments may have gone too far, Renee posted: “I have lesbian friends that couldn’t be nicer. They are true loyal friends. Those jezebel lesbians are s*******s!!!!!!!”

    She continues, “The haters are not the only people that can exercise freedom of speech.”

    Baio later supported his wife’s rant via Twitter, saying. “We all have the right to exercise our freedom of speech, including my wife.”

    This is not Baio’s first brush with Twitter controversy. In January he tweeted an unflattering picture of Michelle Obama with a comment that read: “Wow, he wakes up to this every morning.”

    Reported death threats to him and his family followed.

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