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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Family attacks causing Kate Gosselin to fall behind in dancing rehearsals


    Just as Kate Gosselin’s dancing is finally starting to improve on “Dancing With the Stars,” her personal life is making it almost impossible for her to rehearse for next week’s show.

    A source close to the show tells that Kate is so busy responding to allegations she’s a bad mom, she and partner Toni Dovoloni hardly have time to practice.

    “Kate is having one of the toughest weeks of her life. Her brother won’t stop slamming her publicly and she doesn’t understand why he feels compelled to continue battering at her,” the insider said. “It’s become so personal, and she says he’s doing it for the money. It has shattered her, she’s cried a lot and is struggling to cope with it all.”

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    Gosselin’s brother and sister-in-law testified before Pennsylvania legislators this week about child labor laws and how they apply to film and television productions. This is not the first time her brother has been openly critical of her parenting.

    “Kate used to be very close to him and they haven’t spoken properly in years,” the insider said. “The betrayal won’t stop and that is what hurts her and eats at her.”

    But Gosselin cannot let her family problems get in the way of her dancing routine.

    “Kate is determined to overcome and push through it all. She will spend the entire weekend dancing with Toni and memorizing every single step,” said our snitch. “It’s the only time she can squeeze in. As long as she tries and keeps going, she believes she is a success. The kids are adorable and always there to greet her when she gets home. They keep Kate going when she is feeling sad, stressed or depressed.”

    Indeed the source said her kids are the only reason Kate is doing all this.

    “Jon does not provide for the family and she is taking every job she can to ensure a solid financial future for their eight children,” the source told “She is exhausted and on an emotional roller coaster this week.  It’s a lot to deal with on top of the kids and trying to stay on ‘Dancing With the Stars’!”

    – Kelly Will

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