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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • James Marsden wants to be Kate Gosselin

    “Death at a Funeral”, in theaters now, is a remake of the hit British comedy about the passing of a father and how family and friends unite to mourn his loss. The comedy stars Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, Chris Rock and James Marsden.

    “All we did was just added a little flavor to it and changed the color of the skin to it,” star Tracy Morgan told Fox News. “It’s as funny, if not even more funny” than the original he says. “We just wanted to elevate and bring our flavor to it.”

    With death, comes the possibility of reincarnation and Rock already knows who he would want to come back as. “I’d come back as an athlete,” he says. “I’d come back as Derek Jeter. He’s one of the highest paid players in the game. He’s a great player, he’s well-liked and he doesn’t have to carry the team.”

    Lawrence would also like to be an athlete: Michael Jordan. “Yea ‘cause Michael Jordan has the height. He’s a tall, dark and handsome guy. Plus he’s at the top of his game,” he smirks. “That would be cool.”

    James Marsden, on the other hand, doesn’t care to come back as an athlete, or even a man for that matter. He would want to be “Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8,” he says. If not that than being reincarnated as Gary Coleman or Tracy Morgan would be alright with him, too.

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