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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Tila Tequila threatens Perez Hilton and celebs who have wronged her with web site retribution


    Say buh-bye to Tila Tequila.

    The reality star is reinventing herself with a new new song, a new reality show, a new celebrity blog, and even a new name!

    “I just want to be Miss Tila,” she told in an exclusive video interview. “It’s proper and age appropriate. I don’t want to be Tila Tequila forever. I don’t even drink tequila.”

    The new name goes along with her new venture as a blogger. “I’m very excited about my celebrity gossip blog, which will dethrone Perez Hilton,” she said.

    Indeed the ongoing feud between Miss Tila and the celeb blogger looks likely to hit new lows once her new site launches.

    “Everybody knows I dubbed him ‘Piggy Perez’,” says Miss T. “All my friends say, ‘we can’t wait for your site, you’re going to beat Piggy Perez.’”

    And Miss Tila doesn’t plan to show mercy when it comes to airing dirty celebrity laundry online.

    “There’s going to be a lot of really interesting, exclusive things and deep dark secrets about many celebrities [on the site], that people don’t know about, but I know,” she said. “People who have messed with me, I will put them on ‘blast,’ every single one of them, and it is going to be ugly.”

    Fans, on the other hand will be treated quite nicely, she said. “I’m going to have a lot of contests for them to fly out and be a celebrity for a day. I’m going to take them out… it’s going to be really fun.”

    Miss Tila also just released a new song, “I Love My DJ,” on April 13 and said she’s working on a new reality show.

    “They figured I’m so dramatic and crazy naturally,” says the 28-year-old, “They just want to follow me around with a camera and let me do whatever I want because my life is very, very interesting.”

    One thing that won’t make it on camera is Miss Tila’s thoughts over losing fiancé, Casey Johnson, who died in January. When we asked about how she’s dealing with the loss, the reality star demured.

    “I really don’t like to talk about that…. That’s my personal business. That’s my wife and she’s passed away, so we need to not talk about her.”

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