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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • We have to agree with In Touch's assessment of the moustache 100 percent...


    Hey, is that Magnum P.I.?

    Nope – it’s Charlie Sheen!

    And In Touch magazine says the reason Sheen’s wearing this ridiculous get-up is because the married TV star is on his way out of his new girlfriend’s home.

    SLIDESHOW: Charlie’s Trouble With Women.

    The celebrity tabloid reports in its new issue that while Sheen is trying to convince wife Brooke Mueller that he’s a changed man, he’s really sneaking kisses (and more) with a lingerie model named Angelina Tracy.

    The magazine reports that Sheen Charlie was spotted leaving her apartment on April 7 wearing the moustache with his hood over his head.

    Another onlooker also spotted the two “kissing on the lips” on another occasion, according to In Touch.

    The magazine said a source told them that Tracy is a high-paid escort, and that she spent time at Sheen’s house while Mueller was out of town.

    Interestingly, Sheen was once a repeat customer for convicted madame Heidi Fleiss’ call girl company.

    The magazine hits stands nationwide on Friday.

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