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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Lindsay Lohan getting a new step-assistant-mother

    Michael Lohan and Kate Major go for a skate date in Rockefeller Center earlier this year.

    Michael Lohan and Kate Major go for a skate date in Rockefeller Center earlier this year. (

    Only in the Lohan family could it come to this.

    Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father, Michael Lohan, is getting remarried!

    The “lucky” gal? Why it is none other than the comely Kate Major, former girlfriend of fellow famously unliked celebrity father, Jon Gosselin.

    But wait, there’s more.

    Before she dated and became engaged to Michael Lohan, before she dated (and didn’t become engaged to) Jon Gosselin, before she was a reporter for Star magazine, for that matter, guess what Kate Major did?

    She was Lindsay Lohan’s assistant! reported that a friend of the two said “Kate was really close with Lindsay when she was in rehab at Cirque Lodge in 2007. Kate drove her back to Los Angeles from Utah and was the one that brought in the first-person post-rehab interview for In Touch.”

    The friend added that “Lindsay stopped returning her calls when Kate started getting closer to Michael Lohan.”

    Which would explain Lindsay’s pained reaction when she heard of Kate and Michael’s pending nuptials.

    “I’m gonna vomit!”

    Major, however, begged to differ with’s assessment of her relationship with Lindsay.

    “I have been good friends with Lindsay and I did do things like drive her around and make hair appointments for her, but I was never paid to be her assistant,” she said.


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