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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • It's Jon Gosselin to the rescue as Kate spends more time dancing, less with children



    Kate Gosselin has been in non-stop dance rehearsals and performances for “Dancing With the Stars” for six weeks now.

    Many thought she would be voted off on Tuesday, as her dance routine left much to be desired.

    But with Shannen Doherty given the heave-ho instead, Gosselin is redoubling her efforts, which means more time with rehearsals and press responsibilities, and less time with her eight kids.

    “Kate and [dance partner] Tony [Davoloni] probably spend more time together than she sees her children, even though they are rehearsing in the house a few days a week,” a source close to the show told Fox411. “Kate tries to knock out as many things as she can during school hours, but there is a lot to do.”

    That is an understatement.

    “Kate has her hands beyond full. Her life was busy enough before she signed up to do DWTS and now it’s just full speed ahead,” the insider said. “She is spending two to three days filming, blocking and going through the massive wardrobe and hair and makeup at the show in LA. She flies in just before she’s needed for filming at the end of the weekend, and she flies out as soon as her obligations are done following the results show on Tuesdays.”

    So who’s taking up the parenting slack?

    Surprise – it’s her ex-husband Jon!

    “Jon has long visits every other weekend, but he is nearby and around to visit the kids if he is needed. They are co-parenting a little more,” the insider said.

    But Jon’s not the only one stepping in for Kate.

    “Kate has a couple of trusted nannies that stay with the children and her bodyguard’s wife, who is one of her closest friends, has stepped in to help fill Kate’s shoes as much as possible,” the source said. “Kate has a small support system set up for the children and they have a routine that sticks with or without Kate at home. She and Tony rehearse in her basement during the week. Despite appearances and her poor dance scores, she is practicing!”

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