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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Luke Wilson a diva on the sets of his AT&T commercials, source says



    Luke Wilson just wants to do movies, especially independent films, but he recently signed a deal with AT&T to make the funny commercials about the cell phone network’s reach that you have probably seen by this point.

    But Fox411 has learned that the “Old School” star is miserable doing the project and has earned a reputation for being a diva on set.

    “Luke was awful during the filmings – he would even talk back to the director,” said our source close to the TV spot. “He refused to say lines and wanted them re-written. There were some lines meant to direct the commercial in a certain way, but Luke downright refused to say the lines at all. Luke kept saying, ‘I would never say that and I will not say that!’ The staff and production teams were shocked.”

    F0×411 has learned that Wilson is so picky he won’t share the camera with anyone, either.

    “Luke will not shoot scenes with other actors,” said our snitch. “Any scenes that include Luke and someone else were shot with the actors separately. He would not do scenes with anyone, so doubles are used and the scenes are edited together to make the commercials work.”

    “Everyone misses the old days when they didn’t have a ‘name’ doing the commercials,” our source said. “Luke has made the filming process so unpleasant that people dread working with him. Luke is annoyed that he has to do commercials to make money as an actor and he makes the experience miserable, because he’s miserable. It’s unprofessional and unpleasant.”

    Wilson’s reps did not return emails requesting comment.

    Wilson can be seen happily (we hope) working in his new film, “Death at a Funeral,” in theaters April 16th.

    - Kelly Will

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