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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Tiger Woods' alleged mistress says he paid for sex. Would that make it prostitution?



    Porn star Devon James said Tiger Woods paid $4,000 for her and another woman to have sex with him.

    Wait, doesn’t money for sex equal prostitution?

    Mike Seigel, a law professor at the University of Florida and a former federal prosecutor, said he found it unlikely that local law enforcement authorities would investigate possible charges of prostitution or solicitation of prostitution.

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    If an investigation were launched, however, Seigel said investigators would be “very careful” to handle it as they would any other prostitution probe.

    “They are going to work very hard not to have an alleged defendant’s notoriety play a role in whether or not they pursue charges,” he said. “So if it’s something they don’t usually pursue, I doubt they would.”

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    When Fox411 asked Devon James’ husband where Woods had had sex with his wife, he wouldn’t tell us.

    (Note: The James’ are both porn stars, and thus he said he did not care that she had had sex with the married golfer.)

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    Seigel said it makes sense that neither James nor her husband would want to indicate exactly where any alleged paid-for sex might have taken place.

    “Criminal law is territorial, so if nobody knows where this allegedly occurred, then you really can’t pursue it,” Seigel said. “That reduces the chances of an investigation.”

    What could favor the possibility of an investigation, Seigel said, is a pattern of activity.

    Still, Seigel said he found it unlikely investigators would pursue misdemeanor charges against either James or Woods.

    A spokeswoman for the Tampa Police Department told Fox411 they had no information or complaints pertaining to James.

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