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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • FOX411 EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock back in California, "doesn't want to jump into divorce," source says


    Sandra Bullock has some important decisions to make following a series of allegations of infidelity against her husband, Jesse James.

    And she isn’t running from them. Not anymore.

    Bullock bravely returned from her hideaway home in Austin, Texas back to the glares and stares of Los Angeles.

    Sandra arrived back in California Tuesday night, a source close to the situation tells Fox411.

    “Sandra will not move back in with Jesse, she’s staying in her own place separate from him in California,” the insider said. “She still wants space and she’s very focused. Sandra is still working and she plans to take meetings again soon. She’s trying to sort out her life, and it is a lot to deal with, so she is taking it step by step.”

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    The insider said Bullock hasn’t decided what she will do about Jesse, but she is ready to face the facts.

    “Sandra doesn’t want to jump into divorce – she thought she had her soul mate in Jesse,” the source said. “Sandra loves his children and will still work to protect them from the scandal. She is heartbroken.”

    If she does give James a second chance, it sounds like he’ll be there with bells on.

    “Jesse is desperate to win her back. He will do or say anything Sandra wants to fix the break he’s made,” said the insider. “He wants his family back together.”

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    But that still sounds like a long shot, the pal admits.

    “If she does decide to divorce him, it will be swift and as painless as possible. Her lawyers could set it up quickly. It’s times like this and most every other day, she wishes she were not a celebrity.”

    Our source said Bullock and those around the couple are still trying to come to terms with the picture of James that is now emerging.

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    “[Jesse] was a committed husband to Sandra when he traveled with her, and now it seems there was so much time apart when she was filming a movie. She’s learning about the other side of him,” the source told Fox411. “Sandra is trying her best to get though each day. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and she has always been very generous and giving, with Jesse and others. When they were together, we didn’t think any two people could be closer. It’s shocking to hear about this other side of him.”

    - Kelly Will

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