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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • FOX411 EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock 'hiding out' but 'doing better every day,' pal says



    Sandra Bullock is still in hiding.

    A friend in the actress’ corner tells FOX411 that the Academy Award winner is taking time off to figure out what she’s going to do next: give husband Jesse James another chance, or end their marriage following allegations of infidelity with a tattoo model.

    “[Sandra is] keeping to herself and there are people in her life to help her through this, including her family, especially her father,” the insider told Fox411. “Sandra is a strong woman, but this is such a mess for her. She just won an Academy Award and was celebrating that. Her win should be her focus, but instead, she’s hiding out and angry with Jesse.”

    FOX411: Jesse James’ porn star ex-wife wants him back in court.

    While the news of James’ affair obviously has her reeling, it isn’t keeping her down, said the pal.

    “Friends have been calling and checking up on her, but she’s doing better every day. She will bounce back,” our source said.

    Bullock has been in contact with James, who’s staying in their Southern California home with his three children and some of the couple’s dogs while Bullock rides out the storm far away from Los Angeles in Austin, Texas.

    FOX411: Jesse James’ alleged mistress poses in Nazi regalia.

    “She has talked to Jesse over the last week, but she needs space, time to think and decide how she’s going to act,” said the pal. “Sandra has heard some of Jesse’s side, but she is still pretty shocked. She really loved and adored him, any small betrayal would have hurt her, but this is so much to absorb.”

    Is there any way she could take James back after the allegations made by Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who said she slept with James repeatedly while Bullock was filming her Oscar-winning performance in “The Blind Side”?

    FOX411: Jesse James apologizes as dark side surfaces.

    “I think it’s unlikely that Sandra will take Jesse back,” the pal told Fox411. “This is going to be a lot for her to overcome. She’s a strong, smart woman and she knows what is best for her. She is taking it one day at a time.”

    So far, James isn’t giving up.

    FOX411: ‘Bombshell’ McGee provides text messages as proof of affair.

    “Jesse is sick with worry and he’s upset by the media reports and odd rumors. His biggest sadness is ruining Sandra’s life with all this drama, and he is concerned about his children,” the insider said. “He’s doing his best to apologize to Sandra and fix his mistakes but it may not be enough. Friends don’t see her jumping back into the marriage with him. They have a tough road ahead.”

    - Kelly Will

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