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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee gave text messages as proof of affair with Jesse James


    Michelle “Bombshell” McGee told In Touch magazine that she slept with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James for several months, and she provided text messages to them as proof.

    “He texted me every morning, told me everywhere he went and that he was thinking of me,” McGee told In Touch.

    The magazine printed photos of a cell phone screen that showed several of the texts they say are between James and McGee in its March 29, 2010 issue.

    One exchange on July 9, 2009 went as follows:

    Jesse J: Hey babe

    Michelle: Hey there hot stuff!

    Jesse J: *wink*

    Pretty tame, but things heat up from there. In this exchange on May 25, 2009, the magazine posted screen shots from a cell phone that proceed as follows (it is not apparent who was making the comments from the cell phone shots):

    You need it?


    “Speaking of licking.”?

    Another exchange helped set up a rendez vous on June 6, 2009 on the Queen Mary, where there was a tattoo convention, McGee said.

    Wish is was cum’n! We are dorks

    In my pants hahahhha. Hardly!


    Oh that’s cool just sittin here at the ship


    Room #?

    I don’t care! Come on!

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