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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Collin Raye says new song inspired by terminally ill granddaughter


    Country singer Collin Raye appeared on Huckabee to promote his latest album, “Never Going Back” and talk about his real-life inspiration, his granddaughter, Hailey who has a neurological disorder.

    “Hailey is nine years old now and when she was about three, we noticed that not only was she not progressing, she was regressing,” he told Fox News. “Basically [doctors] came to the conclusion that although they cannot diagnose it, she has a regressive neurological disorder. Which is ultimately fatal.”

    “It’s been a very painful regression,” said the singer. “She would lose ability to speak, then to walk and to stand and hold her head up straight… She’s lost it all.”

    “She’s With Me” is the heartfelt song off his latest album that was inspired by young Hailey.

    “This song kind of came to me. I prayed for it,” he explained. “I said ‘Lord give me a way of trying to come up with something to help my family feel better and maybe make others feel better in a similar situation.’ [Then] I wrote the song relatively quickly which is the way I know it was a gift cause I’m not smart enough to write a song that fast on my own.”  

    The song immediately touched his fans.

    “I started getting hit with a massive number of emails and stories backstage after concerts,” he told Huckabee. “I didn’t realize how many families there are in the United States who have very sick kids – terminally ill kids, very severely handicapped kids – and I guess there is something in the song that all of those people can relate to.”

    Collin hopes that the song, which can be downloaded on YouTube, helps families realize their strength.

    “You go through this huge gamut – you start thinking ‘oh my god, my life is over…’ You start thinking about the inevitable and how you’re going to get around it. You don’t realize how strong you are or how much strength you have until you’re faced with something like this,” he said.

    “You go through these ups and downs. You get mad at god, you get mad at the world, then you go well, it’s not his fault, it’s no ones fault,” said the proud grandfather. “You try to find the positive in it. And [in the] end, we just found that you start to realize that she’s an angel. She’s absolutely perfect,” he beams. “You find the beauty and joy in what you do have and we’re just thankful that we still have her.”

    The inspired grandfather is trying to raise awareness for undiagnosed neurological disorders to help other families who may be going through the same thing. “There’s a lot of them,” he said. “Because we know so little about the human brain and its going to be that way for a long time… So research – that’s how medicine comes up with these things.”

    Unfortunately, love alone can’t cure Hailey. “I love her so much and if just love could heal someone physically then she’d be running a marathon because we love her so much.”

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