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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • RED CARPET EXCLUSIVE: Anna Kendrick says Oscar red carpet is nothing compared to 'Twilight'


    Oscar-nominated actress Anna Kendrick told where she was when the Academy Award nominations were announced.

    “I was actually running. I was too nervous to watch the nominations come up,” said the “Up in the Air” star. “I waited for my roommate to text me and then I sprinted home.”

    When she heard she was nominated she “celebrated with a lot of food and champagne – at 5 in the morning, it was still dark out!”

    “This film has been a whole different ball game,” said Anna, who also stars in the ‘Twilight’ saga. “It was the only film I’ve done that i was the youngest person on set.”

    And it turns out the young star was one of the old pros when it comes to red carpets.

    “It’s a little crazy,” she said. “But once you’ve been to a ’Twighlight’ red carpet, you’re a pro.”

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